I know that I’m a little bit behind if I’m trying to post a resolution, or something along those lines, but bettet late than never. This year I plan on doing a few things that have been very intriguing to me for some time.

First of all, starting in February I’m going to start following a paleo lifestyle. Don’t know what paleo is? Here, check out this link: . There are many other websites that explain it, as well as different ones where people share their stories about their change to paleo. In summary, paleo is a ‘no grain, no dairy, no legumes’ diet. I’ve been follow it about 70/30 right now until I finish some of the food that I still have. I’m very excited!

Second, I hope to get over this knee injury so that I can run a Tough Mudder in June. I finally went to a sports medicine doctor and he told me that I have chondromalacia patella. Which in summary means that my knee cap gets pulled towards the outside of my leg when I run, which causes the cartilage to rub wrong causing severe pain. (Wiki is my friend: Now that I know what it is I’m hoping to be able to do some exercises and stretches to both lengthen the muscle and ‘beef it up.’

Third, I’m hoping to join a crossfit gym by the summer. Currently I don’t have the money to hand over to a gym. I know that it’s the money is worth it and that I’ll be SUPER happy once I finally join one. (I’ve even scoped out the one that I’m going to join, I think psyched doesn’t even begin to describe how happy I will be when I finally walk into that gym.) But I also know that part of being an adult is knowing when you can and can’t afford something, and right now I know that I can’t. Time to stop spending money and start saving!

Well, there are my three goals for this year. There are a few more; like run another half marathon, stop stressing so much, drink more water and less caffeine, but they’re not as big and ‘life defying.’

Until next time,



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