What’s in my basket?

Today we’re going to play a game called ‘What’s in my basket?’ The point of this game, obviously, is to guess what is in my basket. In particular, you need to guess what is in my shopping basket.. Or cart rather. I’ve realized long ago that just a basket at the grocery store won’t cut it.. I buy way too much stuff for that.

But anyways, game goes like this.. DON’T look at the picture below and guess ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each question I ask. Then, if there is anything that you think is more specific (like, yes you got juice and I think it was cranberry) say it.. Ok. On your mark.. Get set… GO!

-Did I buy:


wheat bread?


bow tie noodles?


carrots and/or celery?


brussel sprouts?




Now let’s see how you did..

-Did I buy:

eggs? Yes I did, and yes I eat the yoke. Yes, I know that that is were all the cholesterol is but hey, I don’t eat all of that processed foods and I doubt that the caveman ever was like “know what, Charlie, this yellow thing bad for health.. lets not eat”.. No, there were like “oh, not rocks and dirt, so yummy!” Sorry, I know that I speak very poor caveman.

wheat bread? No. If you read last week’s post you know that I’m ready to go paleo. This means no grains, and as you might have guessed wheat is a grain.

apples? Hells yes! I don’t believe that there is anytime that I go to the grocery store and don’t buy apples. My boyfriend and I eat apples like it’s our job. I mean, I had 4 HUGE apples still in my fridge and I still was sure to buy 6 more.. Would have been more if it wasn’t for the fact that they were $1.99/lb. BLAH!

bow tie noodles? Nope. Read my reasoning for the bread, same follows here.

vinegar? Yes! Balsamic vinegar in fact.. Did you know that balsamic vinegar on brussel sprouts is AMAZING! Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself to see!

carrots and/or celery? Both actually. I recently just nabbed a juicer from my mother (she never used it anyways) and read that both can be used to make a pretty yummy juice.. Don’t worry, post on juicing will follow!

mushrooms? Not today. I do love mushrooms however. But I still had a pack from last week’s trip so I didn’t buy anymore. They’re actually marinating with some asparagus right now to make for dinner!

brussel sprouts? You bet ya! However, the fresh ones that I normally buy were looking a bit off. Instead of being the size of a large marble, they were the size of a golf ball or bigger. So I opted to try the frozen ones instead. This means that I’m going to have to remember to thaw them before I want to make them, but we’ll see how it goes.

peanuts? Nope. Peanuts are actually classified as a legume and not a nut. Legumes are not part of the paleo diet, but nuts are. This also means that all of peanut butter that I once ate will now be replaced with almond butter, sunflower seed butter, and once I can find it cheap enough cashew butter!


Nom nom! I’m so happy I eat all of these tasty tasty foods!!!



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