Day 18: Paleo Journey!

So many people think that I’ve gone crazy. “No gluten, no dairy, no legumes, no processed sugar? Are you Insane? What do you eat?” But it’s really not as crazy as people make it out to be. Yes, finding a snack is a bit harder than it used to be, but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat. Actually, on the contrary, I think I eat MORE now than I did before going paleo, however, it’s what I eat that’s so different.

Let me take you through a typical day for me. Alarm clock at 5:20am, with coffee already brewing (delay start coffee makes are a heaven sent!), then I heat up some of the breakfast that I made for the week on Sunday. I enjoy a cup of coffee with breakfast and the news, then I’m off to the gym. Spin class at 7am-8am followed by lifting, stair stepper and abs. Shower. Class. Lunch. Class. Class. Home around 6:30pm. Cook dinner (or heat it up if I was smart enough Sunday Food Prep like my friend over at The Lean Green Bean), watch some TV, do some homework, then of course make sure I have everything ready for the next day. Then I try to be in bed by 11pm at the latest.

I have a very planned schedule, but this you should know from my last post. The most important planning that I do, however, is planning what I make for Sunday Food Prep as well as planning what to bring to school. When you’re on campus for twelve hours it’s not only important that you bring healthy foods, but also that you bring ENOUGH of them! Why? Because if you bring lunch, but don’t bother to bring an afternoon snack when you know you’re not going to be home until 6:30pm that donut sitting on the conference table is going to look MIGHTY good.

So, as the question usually is, what do you eat?

Well here are some of the things that I’ve made in the past few weeks (both pre- and post- start of my paleo journey, all of which are paleo recipes.)

PaleOMG’s Rutabaga Bacon Breakfast Hash
PaleOMG’s Apple and Butternut Squash Hash (added scrambled eggs)
PaleOMG’s Easy Crockpot Breakfast ‘Pie’
PaleOMG’s Meat Crust Quiche

PaleOMG’s My New Go-To Meal
PaleOMG’s Peach BBQ Turkey Meatloaf
My own version of Beef Stew inspired by Robb Wolf’s Version
PaleOMG’s Maple Mustard Short Rib Bacon Burgers
PaleOMG’s Easy Chicken Bacon Bowl
Biggest Loser inspired Mexican Sweet Potato

Spinach Salad w/ green apple and Steve’s Original Wild Berry Dressing
Cauliflower & Broccoli
Brussel Sprouts

Apples, Carrots, Oranges, Anything from Steve’s Original, Sweet Potato chips, Nuts with Raisins

As you can see, there is NO food lacking in my kitchen! Actually, I believe that this is the best that I’ve eaten all of my life. And the best part? All of this food is CLEAN! Clean and tasty! Once I got in the habit of grabbing some veggies and meat to throw together something delicious it wasn’t that hard. Mind you, you can see that I’ve had a lot of help from PaleOMG and others in this adventure, but that’s the glory of the internet! With a simple google (or bing, but I’m definitely a good person) search you can find something EASY and CLEAN to satisfy your taste!

Until next time please enjoy eating my food with your mind!

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