Things I’m Loving.. March 8th

You know how you go on random ‘kicks’.. Well here are mine of the past week.

Moosejaw: Haven’t heard of Moosejaw? Shame on  you! This place is amazing! A few weeks ago I got a hiking day bag and a ENO hammock.. SOO this week I ordered the straps for the hammock and a headlamp. Why a headlamp you ask? Because I want to be able to go mountain biking without having to worry about completely beating the sun setting!

Shopping Online: This is a dangerous kick that I’m in.. partially fueled by Moosejaw, and partially from everything else that’s awesome online. There’s just something about walking up to you door after a long day of school/work and seeing a package. PLUS, if you used you can MAKE money off of your online purchases! Yup, all you have to do it go to the shopping site through and you’ll make a certain percent back off of your purchases! Yea, like I said, not helping my online shopping kick.

‘Green’ Smoothies: The first one of these I’ve ever had was Monday.. that’s right the FIRST one was on MONDAY! I cannot believe that it took me so long to finally make one! This kick can completely be ‘blamed’ on my boyfriend’s mother who told me how she makes hers! So this is how I did it; a few handfuls of spinach, ~1/2cup frozen berries, ~1/2 cup Bolthouse 50/50 Berry juice (50/50 means is has veggies in it too!!!), ~1/3cup almond milk, and a handful of ice! AMAZING!!!

photo 1 (1)

Cook Books: I’m not talking the cook books that are specialized in this or that. I’m talking about the cook books that help you learn about cooking. Seeing that I’ve contemplated being a chef, and I still think that I want to go into nutrition it just makes sense that I know about cooking the food that I eat as much as I should know about how they give my body nutrients.

Tanning: I know I know, tanning isn’t good for you! BUT in my defense I was pasty white! Plus my boyfriend and I are going to Florida in a month for a friend’s wedding and a) don’t want to fry while we’re down there and b) I want to be tan so I’ll look good in a dress. But, I’m making sure to get a base tan and not dark. Once it warms up I’ll start getting my VitD from being outside running, cycling, and/or swimming. Until then, however, I’m going to have to settle on a month of fake tanning to make me feel not so white!

Have a great weekend!!!


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