PRO Compression Review & Giveaway!- GIVEAWAY OVER

So a few weeks ago on my blog I posted a review on Swiftwick socks. In the comments my friend, Jennifer, from Wine to Weightlifting asked if I’ve ever tried PRO Compression. At this point I hadn’t. I have two pairs of CW-X Compression, but I’ve never got my hands on any PRO Compression socks.

Well, I emailed PRO Compression to see if they would be willing to allow me to try a pair of their socks to review. To my great surprise they said yes! Even better, they told me that as part of my review I will be allowed an extra pair to use in a giveaway on my blog! YAY! Healthy In Detroit’s FRIST EVER GIVEAWAY!

Image (13)

So, when I first got the package in the mail I was absolutely ecstatic! If you know me, you know that I love bright colors.. So imagine my delight when I open up my package to see Bright Green & Pink long compression socks! Yes, I know that no matter what color they are they will do the job, but I always love when I can wear something awesome. And these socks are definitely AWESOME!

I decided that these socks needed a great review, one where I test them in a few different setting. Therefore, the first thing I decided to do was take them on a run. I’ve been in PT for my knee lately because I have Chondromalacia Patella that ‘started’ up when I ran the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October. Anyways, last Friday was my last day at PT and it seemed like the perfect day to do for a short run.

So, I put these bad boys on and headed out. Let me tell you, I felt better than I have in months! The socks held everywhere that I needed a little extra support. I felt compression around my arch, just enough for an added ‘hug’, and some around my ankle, which made me feel better since my achilles likes to act up every now-and-again. Only did a short run, .9miles, but it was delightful! I decided that I need to wear compression socks all the time when working out.

So what did I do next? (Well see Not Always Paleo-WIAW to see how these puppies aided me over St Patrick’s weekend.) I decided to take them to the gym of course!! No worries, they were washed in between! Stair stepper, abs and stretching, these socks kept my legs feeling fresh! And ladies, another reason that YOU specifically should get a pair?! What about that it allows you to go a few more days without having to shave your legs?? 😉 Yup. Definitely worth it!

Next step will be to sleep in them on a day when my legs are sore, but I just had to share this and get the giveaway started so one of you lucky people can try these amazing socks too!

And just incase you needed another reason to try these socks.. with this “BLG13” promo code you can get 40% OFF!!! So enter the giveaway, then go check out to get a pair now!!!


Disclaimer: I received the PRO Compression Marathon Socks free of charge to review.  All thoughts and opinions are all my own.


14 thoughts on “PRO Compression Review & Giveaway!- GIVEAWAY OVER

  1. Yayy!! So excited for you to have a giveaway! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE mine!!

    I have been eyeing those lime green ones for awhile.. I have pink and purple now, but these would be a fun addition! Crossing my fingers!!!

  2. Always wanted to try these! I want the Marathon Purple calf sleeves (if those are included in the giveaway) or the Marathon Purple socks.

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