At School Eats- WIAW

I love being in graduate school. Being able to further my education and learn from the best of the best is a wonderful thing. However, being in graduate school means that I’m on campus most days from about 7am to 5pm.. long long days.. So for this WIAW I decided to share with you what types of things I eat while I’m on campus.

So the single most important thing I do in order to being able to eat healthy and eat paleo is to bring lunch. Bringing lunch (which is usually something that I made for dinner the night before, or whatever I made in bulk on Sunday) means that when hungry strikes all I have to do it go to the fridge, place container in the microwave, and heat up. WahLah. Lunch!

photo 2 (4)

Graduate school wouldn’t be complete without a lot of caffeine. My guilty pleasure is Starbucks. I stick to an Americano with heavy cream. While it’s not 100% paleo, heavy cream is mostly fat (the stuff skimmed off of the top of cow milk) and since paleo is basically a ‘high fat’ diet, I allow myself a heavy cream Americano when I need some caffeine.. Though I need to cut back a bit because I’m currently consuming about 4 a week.. whoops.

photo 3 (3)

Freshly restocked yesterday, the drawer in my desk at school is full of paleo treats. Nuts, fruit leather, and Larabars. Sometimes hunger hits me between lunch and dinner, when I’m still at school waiting for class or about to go to the gym. Since I know that I’m VERY cranky when I don’t eat, these snacks help me be pleasant to be around.

Well, make sure to go show Jenn at Peas and Crayons some loving and thank her for hosting another WIAW!


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