LatitudeGearRx Review

I was given the opportunity to try out two of LatitudeGearRx t-shirts.. Well technically a shirt and a tank top, but either way.. Oh, you haven’t heard of LatitudeGearRx? Well let me tell you, you are MISSING OUT! Go check it out now.. I’ll wait.. Awesome right!?

Well I was lucky enough to get to try out TWO of their shirts! Even better? I got to pick them! I had to go with Because I’m the Fit and Worth the Fight, because both just seemed so perfect!
So what did I think?.. To be completely honest, I LOVE THEM! The fabric was awesome, they were both very comfortable and fit perfectly!

Now LatitudeGearRx is geared towards crossfitters, which you can clearly see by some of the shirts; WOD Hard, Lift Something Heavy, etc. but despite that, even non-crossfitters can find enjoyment in these shirts!! Take a look at how I wore them!

I wore them both on the treadmill, stair stepper, and on the rowing machine.. They held up nicely against anything I threw their way! It was nice to have some ‘workout specific’ shirts that weren’t just old race shirts, or shirts that I just don’t want to wear on a regular basis anymore.. Slowly but surely I’m getting a full collection of specific workout clothes!!

So bottom line, I loved BOTH of my shirts! It almost makes me want to join crossfit so that I’ll have a reason to buy all of the other ones.. almost.. 😉

Happy Friday everyone!!!


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