Five Facts Friday

Gosh, the news today has me down.. well, hopefully, but down nevertheless.. It’s crazy what some people choose to do.

Well anyways, lets not get down too much it is FRIDAY after all!! So here it is:


1. Although I eat paleo, I have a weakness for two non-paleo foods.. DQ Blizzards and Pizza! The worst thing about these two things is that they both leave me in pain about 20minutes after I consume them.. I’m definitely lactose intolerant, and I believe that I also have a slight gluten sensitivity. ugh.


2. My bike is set up in my apartment. oh yes is is. My roommate next year is going to think I’m insane for keeping my bikes in my room, then she’ll confirm my craziness when she sees that I also ride my bike.. indoors.. all the time.. dripping in sweat.. yea, you get the idea.

photo 2 (11)


3. I eat the same breakfast all the time. I know I’ve already mentioned it, but it’s so true! I’ve been making the same breakfast for almost 2 and a half months now! But it’s hard to change when all I have to do it put it in the crockpot overnight! Plus my AWESOME new food processor makes the time leading up to putting it in the crockpot about a fourth of the time that it used to take me!

photo 3 (8)


4. Detroit has gotten hit hard by the storms rolling through MI! I love thunderstorms, don’t get me wrong.. but they are WAY better when I’m at my parents watching them from our back porch! Sitting in my apartment alone listening to them isn’t nearly as fun, although they do make for a good night of sleep!

photo 4


5. I’m not above putting ice in my wine. Last night I wanted a glass and didn’t have a bottle cooled.. so yea, a few ice cubes and voilà (*thanks Kevin for reminding me that it’s not actually wahlah*) cold wine!

photo 5 (3)


Have a great weekend everyone!


One thought on “Five Facts Friday

  1. I don’t really drink but when I’ve had white wines I always like it cold so I’ve definitely put ice cubes in my wine before. Totally acceptable. 🙂

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