Long overdue, Sky-Tri recap

Hey guys. So I know I promised this awhile ago, but as I mentioned all of the photos were on my sister’s camera and I didn’t have the proper USB hookup to get them off (mom didn’t think to put a memory card in the camera, whoops!). Anyways, I finally have the pictures of my VERY FIRST TRIATHLON, Sky-Tri and I needed to let you guys know all about it!

So lets take a step back, before I ran my first marathon (Detroit Free Press) I decided to sign up for my second.. Bad idea.. As you know, I got injured while running the FreeP Marathon and was out of running for almost 6 months.. Mind you this was torture, but I was also out about $90.. Sad right? Well, I decided to go to Lansing anyways the Saturday before and pick up my race packet just like everyone else. I wanted my ‘free’ tech shirt you see.. Well, I got there and all they had left were larges.. oh.. and I wear a small… bummer. I was NOT happy.

Well, after that I was STARVING.. But being paleo posed a bit of an issue.. Seeing as I went to MSU for my undergrad I was pretty sure I knew were a Qdoba was that would keep me off of campus and hence not needing to worry about parking. Luckily it was still open.. Decided on this beauty, after first try when the girl started putting corn and rice on the lettuce and I had to tell her I didn’t want it.. Whoops. Now I know.

photo 1 (17)

Then I went and stayed the night at my sister’s new house. It was nice to see her and her family. Plus my brother-in-law was home the whole time, I don’t get to see him a lot because he works a ton, so it was nice to see him too.

I got up at 5:30am so that I could leave by 6am. Since I didn’t get to get my race packet for the tri the night before like I’d wanted to, I wanted to make sure that I had the proper time to get there and get everything situated without feeling rushed. Transition area and packet pick-up started at 6:45am.

I got to the exit that the school was off of at about 6:30am. I decided to go check out the hill that I’d been warned about on the bike, they said it was something like a 10% grade. So I checked it out, and also saw the turn that was at the same time as this downhill. Luckily for me, since I was on the MSU cycling team and have been on Georgia’s ‘hills’ on bike I know never to judge a hill until I’m on my bike at the bottom of it. I knew the first uphill going back to T2 was going to be rough.. but I also know that working your legs before going into the run is a good thing.. So I wasn’t too worried.

Well, I finally got to the school at about 6:35am and was by no means the first one there. They had the transition area open about 5 minutes later and I took my stuff and laid it all out.. It looked something like this.. My phone was nearing death (forgot my charger) so I didn’t take it with me to get a picture.

I got my race packet, then headed inside to hang out in the warmth by the pool.. It was like pure tropics in there. Awesome considering that it was probably close to 30deg F outside!

I got in the pool for a short warm up, then at 7:45am there was a mandatory meeting in the bleachers. FINALLY my mom walked in and I was able to tell her where to watch the swim and then to go outside. SO. I was #15 so I was in the first wave of athletes doing the mini-sprint. (sorry about the burry-ness.. my mom isn’t great with cameras, =] )


I was talking to the two girls around me because I’d already scoped out and knew that they were the other two girls in my age group.. One said she had biked for the first time since she was about 8 on Friday.. It was Sunday morning.. I thought.. Alright, one that I can beat.. Ok, that sounds mean.. but when you’re someone like me who’s been going to spinning classes, and sweating it out on a trainer, sometimes you have to be positive in thinking you can beat someone!




SO that was the swim! Then went into the locker room to put on some leg warmers and grab my jacket.. Again, at this time even though the sun was shining and there was no wind, it was still like just above freezing outside!


T1, and on the bike.



The bike felt great.. luckily I decided to take my gloves, or else my hands would have been COMPLETELY frozen. So that 10% grade.. yea, it was definitely scary on the way down! But I just breathed through it, rode my breaks and my drop-downs and got through it.. Then a girl passed me.. but she wasn’t going nearly at the pace that I was going to go, so I passed her back.. only saw her again when I turned around. 😉 Yea. pretty sweet. So, coming back to that uphill was fun. No honestly. So I knew it was coming so I made sure I was in the correct gear to take it on then powered through.. Actually managed to pass an older guy on a tri bike at the top of the first big uphill. *Insert pat on back here* Then there were two more big uphills. Half way up the second one there was a sign that read “Heartbreak Hill, For Boston”.. Yea, I started to tear up then push harder. The rest of the race was for Boston.



T2: My hands were frozen. Took a bit longer than I’d wanted to get my shoes on. But then I was off for the run.






The run was pretty uneventful. There was no one in front of me and no one behind me. I was alone. And cold. My feet felt like straight ice bricks. Oh, and I felt like everyone in a one mile radius could hear me huffing and puffing,  but I still managed to get through it. It was beautiful, sunny, and I felt great! No pain! So I pushed through.

Finally got to the end and I didn’t think they were going to see me coming. My mom told me that no one had come in for a few minutes before me.. I really was alone out there. Then they announced that I was the first female finisher! WHAT?! I was soooo excited! I couldn’t believe that I’d just won Overall Female at my FIRST TRIATHLON!


To sum it up, it was a perfect first race! I kept telling my mom that at least now I have warm tri’s to look forward to!

photo 2 (12)

Oh, and because I won I also have this to look forward to!

photo 2

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I will be participating in Age Group Nationals- Olympic distance! Watch out everyone, here I come! =]


3 thoughts on “Long overdue, Sky-Tri recap

    • That’s the best part about triathlons, you can suck at one of the three then kill the other two and still do awesome!
      It’s like it’s an even playing field because usually not one person is great at all three!

      Aka: I LOVE TRIATHLONS! =]

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