Facts Friday Five FUN!

So I guess it should be “Five fun friday facts” (can you say alliteration?) but that’s not nearly as fun! I love Fridays because I get to tell you guys the crazy ridiculous things that are happening in my life, or the things that I’ve been obsessing over the last week.. Well, lets check it out.


1. Last weekend I made my very first batch of raw cashew butter! If you’ve been keeping up with me you’ll know that I’ve realized that when I eat nuts my face breaks out (zits, not hives.. at least not hives that I’m aware of!) and it’s just no bueno. So therefore, this was my first and last batch of raw nut butter for a while.. Sad, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

2. Since Fun is in the title, I should mention how OBSESSED with Fun. I am!! The lead singer has the voice of.. I don’t know.. but it’s wonderful.. WAIT A SECOND.. You don’t know who Fun. is? Alright, let us fix this.. Some of my favorite songs are Be Calm (this is the one that made me fall in love with them a few years back!), Some Nights and Just Give Me A Reason. The last two being the ones that you probably hear on the radio time and time again!


3. Campus is starting to look BEAUTIFUL! Luckily for me one of the sidewalks I normally take is closed in the mornings (darn summer construction) so I got to snap a picture of these beautiful trees on my walk into school. Oh, and I think the whole campus smells like Lilacs.. yea. it’s wonderful! =]

4. I’ve started drinking my coffee black again. I know that coffee “isn’t paleo”, but hey you have to pick your battles and one with caffeine is NOT one that I’m willing to lose. Brittany not on caffeine is NOT a pleasant person to be around.. Promise. Plus for a while I was using some SO Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer but then I realized that I couldn’t pronounce some of the stuff on the side of the carton (which is saying something seeing as I’m a chemist) and decided that it was time to say goodbye to the chemicals.


5. Last but definitely not least, I wanted to welcome the new followers! Healthy In Detroit is up to 60 followers! Seeing as I figured I’d be happy if I had 20 I’m overjoyed to see that 60 people like to read about my ridiculous/crazy/active/delicious life! So WELCOME and Thank you everyone for putting up with me!!




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