Non-Paleo Loves- WIAW

So I was not in the right mind on Tuesday to take pictures of all of my food.. Really I just always remembered AFTER I’d eaten it.. So I decided instead to share some of the foods that I like to eat that aren’t paleo.. You know, the things that I eat when I’m “cheating”.

As always, please pay homage to Ms Jenn over at Peas and Crayons!

Talk about double whammy! Cheese and gluten! DEFINITELY not paleo, but Jet’s Pizza is DELICIOUS! I can honestly say that this is one of my top two non-paleo weaknesses! Worst part is that it puts me in the fetal position after consumption!


Oreo Blizzard! Another non-paleo food that I have a weakness for. This might actually be number one. Also another thing that puts me in the fetal position.


Cupcakes.. or brownies.. delicious.. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, can’t you tell? So yea, these beauties are a favorite.. however I’d go for the blizzard or pizza first!

And last but not least:


Mexican. These areĀ enchiladas but in all honestly I just love Mexican food. I do make some pretty good paleo mexican, so these is easier to pass up (also puts me in fetal position) than the first two.

Well.. Hope that doesn’t send anyone to Jets or Dairy Queen, but I needed to share my weaknesses with you fine people!



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