Friday.. phew.. we made it! Congratulations everyone!.. Wait, how does third shift work? Did they just finish their Friday, or did they just finish their Thursday.. Blah. I never understood third shift!

ANYWAYS. It’s Friday. So as usual that means that I get to share some completely random five things with you.. why five? well that would be because it starts with an “F” just like Friday. As well as just like Finally. Or like Fun. Or like French Fries.. ok, I’m getting carried away. So lets get to this randomness!!

1. My uncle passed away last week and last weekend was the service. It was great to see all of my family, but sucks is had to be for such a sad reason. But check out this plate of almost paleo food that we got after the service! Ok. So I went back and got some more ham and deviled eggs (<- They’d be paleo the way I’d make them, so I just went with it).

photo 1 (22)

2 . My mom was kind enough to buy me some plants the day before Mother’s day. NO not because I’m a mother! I’m WAYYY too young for that! She did it because she’s the best mother EVER! =] So yea, I got a tomato plant and a jalapeño plant! I also picked up two smaller sweet pepper plants to plant in with the big jalapeño plant. THEN we walked around the greenhouse for like EVER and I was in Heaven! Honestly! Mom let me pick some of the plants that she’s going to plant in her garden.. yea, like I said, best mom ever! Oh, I also got a pretty flower plant too.. ok. enough about my awesome trip to the greenhouse.. but check out these lovely plants!

photo 2 (21)

3. Found this gem at Target. Only $8. So yea, this is my favorite movie but somehow I misplaced my old copy so now I can FINALLY watch my favorite movie again!!

photo 3 (16)

4. This week I had to enjoy some Starbucks while reading some research papers. Yea, chemistry can be tough. 😉 Ok. well it IS, but it’s a little less painful when I’m able to enjoy some Starbucks! Americano with Heavy Cream, you know, the usual!

photo 4 (9)

5. Last but not least, I saw this on my way to my boyfriend’s on Wednesday. DON’T WORRY! I came to a complete stop before taking the picture! (Back roads make that easy.) Yes, that IS two ladies ‘driving’ down the road in their scooters. Oh, and to top it off my boyfriend saw them come back by his house like 4ominutes after I originally saw them (going the opposite direction then they were when I saw them, I’d asume they were going home.) It definitely made me giggle.

photo 5 (7)

Well, hope you all had a great week! Now you get to have a great weekend!! =]


One thought on “FINALLY FRIDAY!

  1. Well, let me inform you as to how us poor third shifters work. Our “monday” really starts on sunday night and is finished early monday morning, our tuesdays start on monday night so on and so forth. Even though we are labeled 3rd shift, logically one would think that we would be the third shift to come into work. However this is a fallacy, third shift is in fact the first shift to come into work after a weekend. That being said we are also the first shift that finishes their work week early friday morning. So at the time of you writing this you would have been correct in assuming my friday was over. Unfortunately I should have been off of work then however we had to work saturday so I my week ends in 65 minutes.
    Hope this clears things up a bit =]

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