Ok. not really.. So here’s what I really mean.. The other day I was on the page of a Facebook group that I’m in called Healthy sELF, and someone mentioned how they had a ‘virtual cupcake’ every Friday on their blog.. My initial reaction was, “WHAT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO YOURSELF?”.. but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s actually a great concept.. So what I’ve decided to do is mix ‘Friday Cupcake day’ in with ‘Friday Facts day’.. So while you’re reading my fun five weekly facts you can take a break to go scroll up and take another ‘bite’ of that cupcake..

So why am I doing this? Well, last week I was pretty bad about being paleo and my stomach was NOT nice to me about it.. So this way, I can “have my cake and eat it too”.. aka: be paleo while “enjoying” a delicious LOOKING cupcake, but I’m going to take it one step further and pick a paleo cupcake and then link up the recipe.. SO just incase you have a party to go to or an event that you need to bring a dessert to, you can make some paleo cupcakes to take and still feel ok about having one.. 😉

So without further ado.. meet this week’s delicious cupcake compliments of Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind, Paleo Red Velvet Cupcake!


Looks delicious right?! AND paleo.. definitely on my “I need to make this when I have to bring something to a party and it needs to be paleo so that I can enjoy it too” list.. yes, I do have that list. =]


And onto Five Friday Facts!

1. I FINALLY got to go to Cedar Point! It’s been two years since I’ve been and it was MUCH needed! Mind you my feet/legs/knees/body were KILLING me by the end of the night, it was still a great time! OH, and I got to ride the new ride, GateKeeper! Yup. Awesome! And lucky for us we only had to wait an hour for it (though we waited 1.5 for both the Millenium & Dragster!)


2. I’ve started packing for my new place! My friend, Marissa, and I are moving at the beginning of June into a house that’s closer to our school than were I live now. I honestly couldn’t be more excited! First, because the house is PERFECT in every way! It is EXACTLY what we were looking for! And secondly, as you already know, because I’m going to have my VERY OWN garden!

photo (18)



3. Speaking of a garden.. After my last post a follower mentioned how I should look into getting old pallets to use to make my garden.. This would both help me and the environment.. I mean, I wouldn’t have to pay for wood and other people wouldn’t have to throw out or burn their pallets.. I’m hoping to get some from the university that I work for! I’m planning to make ones that look like this, from Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists.



4. I’ve decided that this Michigan weather is crazy. Of course by crazy I mean completely INSANE! It’s 60deg one day, 95 the next, raining one minute, sunny the next… Don’t get me wrong, I love ol Michigan.. but I would be happier if it would make up it’s mind on if it wants to be spring or summer!


5. I’m so happy that this is a long weekend! I’m going up north with my boyfriend and his family and couldn’t be more excited! We always have a blast when we’re up north and I love his family as if they were my own! Here’s a picture that I look sometime last summer while we were at the cottage!




Enjoy your long weekend everyone!!


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