Left Overs from Memorial Day Weekend- WIAW

So, I want to pre-face this post with a few things. 1. I’m not perfect. 2. I love non-paleo foods. and 3. Due to feeling like poop after this weekend, I’m currently eating paleo strictly again because it makes me FEEL better.. But that being said, here are the ‘not-so-paleo’ foods that I consumed on Tuesday.

photo 1 (23)

Had some reading to do. So I decided to head into campus, grab some Starbucks then plant myself down to read.. American with Heavy Whipping Cream.. The barista asked me if I wanted my ‘usual’ when I walked up.. aka: It’ll be awhile before I go back there.. Not completely a good thing when the barista knows your order.. especially one that is high in fat.

photo 2 (22)

In come the left overs.. Pictured is left over Seafood Brodetto that I got for lunch at Olive Garden on Monday while coming home from being up north with my boyfriend and his family! Honestly this is probably ‘pretty-paleo’.. however I’m going to start sticking to the salmon w/ veggies or the ‘mixed grill’ with veggies just to be sure… This isn’t on the gluten free menu, so there must be some sneaky gluten in the broth!

photo 1 (24)

And let’s bring in the last of the left overs.. Jet’s Pizza.. My all time weakness.. We were watching the Red Wings game Monday night and pizza just sounded good.. and easy.. But as usual, didn’t leave me feeling to great Monday or yesterday.. Another another reminder as to why I’m going back to strict paleo.. It really does make me feel better!

Well as usual, make sure to send some love to Ms Jenn and her growing little pea over at Peas & Crayons!


2 thoughts on “Left Overs from Memorial Day Weekend- WIAW

  1. Hi! I found your blog through Jenn’s WIAW link-up. I saw the picture of the starbucks cup and had to come over here to check out your blog. I am a sucker for coffee! Love your blog!

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