Carrot Cake Paleo Cupcake — & Five Facts!

I’m already loving this new “cupcake Friday” day on my blog.. I hope you guys enjoy it too.. Let’s check out this BEAUTIFUL Paleo Carrot Cake Cupcakes from PaleOMG.. You all know I love PaleOMG, and I don’t think that these cupcakes would be an exception!


Delicious huh? I know.. I totally agree! Might be what I make for my house warming party sometime down the road!

So this week has been interesting.. so much going on!

1. I remember how much I HATE packing! If you’ve been around here for a while, you’ll know that I’m packing my apartment to move into a house with a friend… well, my apartment is in shambles.. Honestly! I went to cook veggies on Wednesday night and didn’t realize that I’d packed the pan that I needed to bake them.. THEN I couldn’t find it, so I had to make dinner on the fly.. turned out ok though.. 3 scrambled eggs with mushrooms & my last salmon burger!

2. I’m finally going for my first open swim tomorrow! That’s right, I’m finally going to feel like a triathlete in my wetsuit while swimming in a lake! I’m so excited! I finally bought a wetsuit from Level Multisport last week after had the one I ordered on backorder for almost two months! I need to get in the water before Motor City Triathlon on June 16th, so I opted to buy this beautiful suit!

2013-S4 F-Front380__

3. Oh, and my friend might be coming to the park too!!.. She won a tri bike but she already has one.. SOOO lucky me, I’m going to try out the bike on Saturday to see if I’d like to purchase it from her… It’s a Raleigh Singulus.. Looks like the perfect starter tri bike! SOOO, hopefully 48hours from now I’ll have a new bike!!! =D Make sure to check out Instagram (@DetroitHealthy) to keep updated!!


4. I’ve been eating banana’s for breakfast.. I know it’s not the perfect breakfast, but I’ve realized I’m not really that hungry in the morning.. So I’ve been opting for a banana and some coffee, which has been holding me over until about 11:30 or noon!

And last but not least,

5. I’m planning on doing my second half marathon in September! My sister asked me if I’d be interested in running the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon with her and I said yes.. best part is that I’m finding other friends that are interested in running too! Should be a good time!


Have a great weekend everyone!!


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