Where Have I Been???

OH MY GOSH, I feel like it’s been FAR too long since I’ve talked to you wonderful people!! I must apologize for that.. I’m sorry! I’ve been here there and EVERYWHERE this past week! Moving is a HARD and LONG process! Lasted way longer than it was supposed to! So much so that I had to take an extra day off of work to do it.. BLAH!

Well, rather than bore you completely with words, I’ll show you some pictures from last week.. (Though if you following my Instagram you’ve probably already seen some of these!)

photo 1 (28)

How a basement SHOULD look!! BIKES EVERYWHERE!! =D

photo 2 (27)

It’s not moving day (day 1) without a battle wound and some Starbucks!

photo 3 (20)

Day one moving day lunch!! Nice girl charged me for extra steak and guac instead of for the whole salad since I didn’t get any beans or rice on it!! =D

photo 4 (13)

Had to go to my parents house to get the truck and trailer.. I LOVE this view.. sitting in a truck! I’m such a country girl!

photo 5 (10)

Found a new FroYo place in Ferndale.. Easy Like Sundae.. Best part?? They have VEGAN FroYo which means that I can eat it and still be (half) paleo and it won’t upset my stomach.. Kind of which I wouldn’t have found this place.. I’m pretty sure I’ll be dropping a bit of money here this summer! 😉

photo 1 (27)

Moving day number two.. My boyfriend is a Tetris Master! He essentially got all of the remaining stuff from my apartment into this trailer! He’s awesome!

And now the finished product.. My friend and my new place! =]

photo 2 (26)

photo 4 (12)

photo 3 (19)

photo 5 (9)

WELL, I hope you guys haven’t missed me TOO much!! Don’t worry, I’m back now! AND tapering for my first FULL sprint triathlon which is on Sunday!! YAY!


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