Friday. Cupcake. Fact.

Ok. So I don’t really have any facts about this cupcake.. Well, other than it LOOKS delicious!! This delicious picture and recipe was taken from Danielle at Against All Grain. If you decided to make these this weekend, please make sure to tell Danielle how much you love her recipe!


Ok, now that we’re ALL drooling, let us move onto some fun facts from this week!

1. My “not so fun” fact of this week.. The pool that I use at school has been closed ALL WEEK! Talk about BAD timing!! Why bad timing?? See #2.

2. SUNDAY IS MY FIRST SPRINT TRIATHLON! I will be racing Motor City Triathlon this weekend! I am SUPER excited/nervous/scared/anxious/ready/scared.. did I mention scared?! Honestly I’m only worried about the swim.. but I rode the roads (not the course since it’ll be going against traffic, but I did ride the same roads) on Tuesday and that helped calm me down about the bike & run.. But the swim still makes me nervous… but luckily I have a wetsuit.. so if I get too anxious while in the water I know I can turn on my back and breath.. Hopefully that doesn’t happen though.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 1.43.29 PM

3. I’ve decided to ride my road bike versus my tri bike for this race.. I’m not adjusted to the saddle on my tri bike and it didn’t make sense to try to get adjusted to that when I should be focused on other stuff so close to the triathlon.

photo 1 (28)

(I’ll be riding the one on your right.)

4. I finally registered for the triathlon that I’m doing in July.. Finally.. I kept putting it off and decided it was time! July 14th I’ll be racing Tri for Life, and hopefully I’ll be completely adjusted to my tri bike and will be on that! aka: I’ll be ZOOMZOOM fast! 😉

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 1.44.51 PM photo

5. I think I’m going to enjoy a burger and fries post triathlon! I guess that’s not a fact, but it sure does sound good! PLUS it’s Father’s day and my parents are going to come up to watch me race (Starts at 8:30am.. my parents love me! =] ) so I guess we’ll get food where ever my dad wants.. but a burger & fries does sound delicious.. not paleo.. but delicious.. maybe we can go to a place that has sweet potato fries and then it’ll be like a ‘trying to be paleo’ meal.. we’ll see..

Next week you guys will get my race recap, so be ready!!

OH, and HAPPY (early) FATHER’S DAY to all of the fathers out there!!! =]


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