My Bikes Have Names!

In Friday fashion, this post must start with a delicious looking paleo ‘cupcake’! So lets check out this week’s feature! These are Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Muffins with Honey Frosting by George over at Civilized Caveman! Hey.. a muffin with frosting is still a cupcake in my book! =]


OK. So now onto the facts of this post!

MY BIKES HAVE NAMES! Yes.. you read that correctly.. I have four bikes and they ALL have names.. and birthdays.. Some people have children, or animals.. well, I have bikes! =] And believe me.. they suck money just like children and animals do! **WARNING: I take pictures of my bikes as if they ARE children.. so please feel free to skip some pictures!**

1. So lets start with my oldest.. Miss Fixie.. Aka: Missy. Born: May 15th 2010. Missy started my bike frenzy.. She is a fixed gear, this means that you cannot stop peddling while you’re riding or else you will stop.. It’s always fun when someone asks me if they can borrow her (this happened in college only) and I go.. “Sure, but she’s fixed” and they look at me like I’m crazy. The response I normally got was, “It was broken?”.. Not all people call my bikes by their gender, hehe.


Isn’t she pretty? This was the day that I got her! ^


Riding to class in the fall.

2. Tre was number two.. Born: May 2010.. Tre is my road bike.. She’s the one that has taken me MILES AND MILES around this great state of Michigan.. She actually went to Seattle with me too, but we didn’t get to ride.. Tre was bought because I’d signed up for the 24 Hour Challenge and needed a road bike.. Let me tell you, I’m SOOO happy that she’s mine.. We’ve logged so many miles together.. blood, sweat, and tears.. ok, maybe that was just me.. but she was definitely around for them all.



Tre hanging out on the back of my friend’s van on our way to Seattle! ^



Fastest speed on Tre.. Downhill in Georgia.


(Aero bars are new this year.)

3. Meet Mr Tao. Born: April 1st 2011. Tao entered my life right before my 21st birthday.. Tao is a mountain bike, so we do mostly train riding together.. I also use him to ride someplace really fast if I don’t feel like driving and it’s close.. But I won’t put a lock on him (or Tre) so it has to be a quick trip. Tao was the bike I was on when I shattered my elbow. No, he didn’t throw me.. but I think my mom thinks that he did. We haven’t been too close since that incident (July 2011), but I do like trail riding so I hope to get out some more this summer.. Even if it’s just a leisurely trail ride.


(Day I got him. ^)



Day before the race that I shattered my elbow, washing Tao so he’s clean for the race.



4. Allow me to introduce the younger of my clan, Leigha. Born: June 1st 2013. My beautiful triathlon bike. I haven’t gotten to race her yet, but I have started riding her as my training bike for my next race (July 14th). Hopefully she will help me go ZOOMZOOM fast! =]



5. Yes. I am a bit crazy, but can you blame me? I have four absolutely beautiful bikes and I need to show them love!



photo 1 (28)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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