The Art of Paleo Entertaining, WIAW #17

This past weekend my new roommate and I had a house warming party.. This meant that I had to make some finger food for my guests that I could eat.. It made me really wish that I’ve already bought Gather, the Art of Paleo Entertaining… BUT it’s on my ‘to buy’ list, so I’ll have it soon!


So this week for WIAW I’m going to share with you the delicious appetizers that I made for my party!

photo 2 (32)

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Stuffed Sweet Peppers

PaleOMG inspired, but a bit different.. This is going to be a bit of a broad  recipe since I had a bit more than 1/2 a lb of bacon, then I used 3 chicken breasts and cut sweet peppers until I was out of chicken.. Luckily the amount of chicken and the amount of bacon coincided.


Sweet Peppers (cut in half length-wise & remove seeds)
~ 1/2 lb Bacon (cut length-wise, then in half to yield 4 pieces per one piece of bacon.. I had to throw out some of the ‘small’ pieces every once and a while since it was all fat and no bacon meat)
~ 3 Chicken Breasts (cooked, seasoned, & cut into strips about sweet pepper length)
8oz can Tomato Sauce (no salt added)

Preheat oven to 350deg.
Put cut chicken into a bowl and add tomato sauce, toss. Then place one piece of chicken in half of a sweet pepper, wrap with bacon and secure with toothpick.
Do this until you’re out of one of the ingredients. Place on a cookie sheet & place in the oven for ~40, until bacon is crisp but not burnt.


Perfect paleo appetizer!!


photo 1 (33)

Bacon Deviled Eggs

I wish I could take credit for this recipe, but I cannot do that.. SO please send a BIG thank you over to George over at Civilized Caveman for this DELICIOUS recipe!

BOTH were a HUGE hit at the party! EVERYONE kept telling me how much they liked them! Comments like “I wouldn’t have guessed there was avocado in those eggs!” or “Those peppers were so good, THEN I realized there was also chicken in there!”.. I was one happy host, that’s for sure! Happy to know that I can feed a crowd (well, I DID run out, but before the party I was scared that I’d end up with TONS of left overs!) with some great paleo recipes!

As always, please thank Ms Jenn over at Peas & Crayons for hosting this WIAW party! Head over to her site to see what else people have been eating lately!!


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