Happy Belated 4th of July!!




Gosh, I wish I could say that I saw those pretty fireworks over the weekend! Sadly we didn’t find any! I went with my boyfriend up to his family’s cottage, along with his bother and some more friends, and we had a great time!
We even got a round of golf in, which was great! Luckily Alex is very patient with me (I’m not that good), and we only ended up +6! Pretty good in my book! OH, but I didn’t tell you!! (Unless you follow me in Instagram that is..) I was SOO close to a hole-in-one last Sunday! No need to mention that the women’s tee was like 80yards from the hole.. it’s was still a birdie for me!! =]

photo (28)



But back to this weekend… I can tell you that I ate WAYYYYY too much and my body is now paying for it! Luckily I have a week before my next triathlon, which is enough time to let all of these nasty toxins get out of my body, and believe me.. it will take a few days to get them all out!!


But I got to the gym today to do my workout since we’re supposed to get storms tonight… meaning that it’s 1pm and I’ve already done my workout AND showered twice today!


But now it’s lunch time before doing a bit more work then heading out to get my car checked out and picking up Leigha from the shop!

Have a great Monday everyone!!!




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