Friday Funday!

So this week has been interesting for my! Essentially my whole lab is at a conference which means that I’ve been working by myself.. So I’ve finally felt like a real graduate student.. and that’s scary!

But we’ll get to that in a second.. First lets check out a DELICIOUS looking paleo cupcake! This one compliments to Clean Eating With A Dirty Mind! Beautiful German Chocolate Cupcakes!


Seriously, if someone wants to make me some of these I will NOT say no!

Alright.. now onto Friday Funday! Also know as, five things that have had my interest/are interesting to me, as of late.

1. I made my own salsa before I went up north of the 4th of July.. Sadly it wasn’t spicy enough.. So when I returned home I had about 10 more ripe jalapeños, so I took the salsa I had left and added about 7 of them.. yea.. not to toot my own horn, but it’s DELICIOUS!!

photo 1 (37)

2. THE POOL AT MY SCHOOL IS CLOSED UNTIL THE END OF AUGUST!! I seriously about died when I read the sign.. and cried.. it didn’t help that that was a rough day for me anyways, but seriously, NO POOL?!?! UGH! Guess that means more open water practice for me!

photo 2 (36)

3. My lab space at work is beautiful.. I’m a bit OCD! My lab mates are alway jealous of how clean my space is, but I keep trying to tell them that having OCD (even if just a little bit) isn’t always the best thing… oh well, at least everything is clean and pretty!

photo 5 (13)

4. I made some DELICIOUS ‘pork and vegetable’ soup on Tuesday! I was pretty proud of myself, mostly because it meant that I had food for days! Not to mention that I did it all in the crockpot which means that I didn’t need to slave over the stove, and in this hot Michigan weather, that’s always a good thing!

photo 3 (24)

5. I FINALLY went to the farmer’s market that my school has on campus and scored four zucchini’s and a small cabbage for $3!! Yes, you read that right.. THREE DOLLARS!! Now I know that every Wednesday I need to have about $10 in cash on me so that I can go grocery shopping!! BOOM!

photo 4 (18)

Well, that’s that! This weekend I’ll be going to my nephew’s birthday party on Saturday then racing on Sunday! Be sure to stop by on Sunday to read about the race!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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