You know.. when I wrote the title I was definitely thinking of it spoken like those Monster Truck commercials.. You know.. like these ones!

Well, in Friday fashion.. let us start with a delicious cupcake to drool all over our keyboard for!! Look at those beauties! Mini Pumpkin Pie Tarts from Danielle over at Against All Grain! Make sure to head over to her website to show her some love.. NOT TO MENTION that her new cookbook is coming out soon! You can pre-order it on Amazon!

IMG_3659-640x392 (1)




Now onto the random things that have been circling my mind all week..

photo 1 (40)

1. I eat WAY too much nut butter! Yes, it’s true! I got some awesome NuttZo from a giveaway and I had to toss the last third of the jar because I was eating WAYY too much with a spoon.. Normally I’d just go with it, but I’ve noticed that lately I haven’t been feeling 100% (headaches for dayyysss!) and I honestly think that nuts might be playing some part in it..



photo 2 (39)

2. I went on my first nature run in FOREVER last weekend! Since I raced on Sunday, when I headed to my sister’s house on Saturday I decided to stop off at a Michigan State Park to do a nice nature jog.. Just 20 minutes, but it was beautiful… I parked by the lake and ran away from it (up the dirt road) then back to it.. it was breathtaking!



photo 3 (26)

3. I FINALLY found farm fresh eggs! I’m sure they were at the farmer’s market last week, but I didn’t see them.. So I was ecstatic to find them this week! You can’t find a better deal, $3 for a dozen eggs that are FARM FRESH! I was paying about $6.50 for two dozen organic eggs at CostCo, but Farm Fresh>>>>>Organic anyday!



photo 4 (1)

4. Thursday was spent waiting on a reaction and looking through YouTube videos to see what country sounds I need to DL.. I made a pretty decent list!



photo 5 (15)

5. I LOVE BRUSSELS!! I got a two pound bag from CostCo for $3.99 a week back and finally made some Thursday night.. DELICIOUS! Just brussels, cooked in coconut oil, drenched in balsamic vinegar! YUM YUM YUM!!

Oh.. and I know this goes against the “five facts Friday”.. But I’m heading to a race track (horses) with my boyfriend and some of our friends tonight! I cannot wait! $1 hotdogs, $2 beers, and $2 minimum bets! I probably won’t bet, because I’m not a big gambler (my mom and I can use the ‘free money’ at the casino and play for hours.. which we’ve done on many occasions), but the cheap food & beer will be nice.. Well, minus the stomach ache afterwards.. but we’ll try not to think about that right now!



2 thoughts on “FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!!!

  1. Got to love those nature runs. I am actually coming off of a little nut butter “break” because I got tired of it after eating wayyy to much (crazy I know, but apparently possible), so I am more than ready to bring it back. I have be dying for some creamy Nuttzo though, waiting for a coupon code to pop up…

  2. I keep seeing this Nuttzo everywhere and I’m dying to try it! I’m a huge nut butter fan, esp. almond. It took a while to adjust from my usual peanut butter addiction but I think I’ve finally converted. I can’t believe you threw it away!!! AHH that is willpower, my friend. You should’ve mailed it to me! haha

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