Tri For Life Race Recap

Two weekends ago I raced Tri For Life in Otter Lake, MI. If you don’t remember the race, you can check out the race day post I posted!


So, how did the day go?

Well, I left my house at 4:40am to go pick up my sleepy boyfriend from his house.. I don’t think he even said hello when he got in the car (he’s NOT a morning person), but then we started on our way! It took us about an hour and a half to get up to Otter Lake.. Luckily by the time we got there Alex was at least half-way alive, and decided that he’d come to registration with me to pick up my race packet.
I decided to bring all of my stuff so that we won’t need to go back to the car.. Though, we got there early enough that we were very very close to the transition area, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal if I needed to..

I picked up my race packet then headed over to the transition area to put all of my stuff in place.. Then, (if you’re a triathlete you know what I’m talking about) looked at it for a good five minutes to make sure that I had everything.. over.. and over.. and over..

Then we got to hang out for a good amount of time before the pre-race meeting.. My parents showed up right around then too.. AND NOW, to the fun part!




There were so many Level Multisport athletes at the race that I asked my mom to get a picture!


Ok.. to the race..

THE SWIM WAS HORRIBLE!!! Honestly! I just need to learn how to feel comfortable in open water.. I would get into the groove, then something would happen (I’d get water in my mouth, I’d get winded, etc.) and I’d need to turn onto my back and hang out for a bit.. It was horrible.. That being said, I’m going home next weekend to swim in our lake! Yay home open water swim practice!




T1 was pretty uneventful. I made sure to take a deep breath while I was getting my bike stuff on.. Last race (Motor City) my mom yelled at me “take a deep breath” and normally I wouldn’t be to happy to be getting yelled at by her.. but I needed it.. and this time I remembered her saying that last time and made sure to follow her suggestion.





Then off to the bike.. It was fun!! Rolling hills- just up my alley! You see.. I’m a cyclist.. I started out as a cyclist, then shattered my elbow which lead me to running and THEN I decided to take up swimming.. well more ‘take up swimming’.. to become a triathlete! In the words of my boyfriend, “It was crazy.. You were one of the last out of the lake [of the sprint women] then one of the first back on the bike!” To him I replied, “I TOLD YOU I’M A CYCLIST!”


T2 was also uneventful.. Just ready to get to the run then the FINISH LINE!




The run was pretty good.. Essentially an out and back.. I was so happy to get to the turn around.. I was keeping an eye on my GPS and was making sure to keep my pace under 9mins.. I think I was closer to 8:45/mile or so.. There were two water stations along the route, as well as a cool ‘misting station’.. Aka: an archway that was misting.. On the way back through it was SO awesome! Then when I knew I was close I kicked it up until the end!







The finish was great.. and so needed.. it was starting to get hot by the time I finished!




SO.. I got 13/81 Sprint Women triathletes.. AND ended up second in my age group!! Overall time was 1:26:17!





So excited for my second place plaque! AND to go get some food! My parents, boyfriend and I ended up going to get mexican after the race! Paleo? HECK NO! But it was delicious! =]


Well, that was the Tri For Life race recap in a jiffy! =]



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