Cupcakes of appreciation

So it’s Friday.. Unlike most Friday’s when I just chill and hang out, today I’m getting ready for a race tomorrow.. I know, Saturday Triathlon? What is this nonsense? Well, I’m not too worried about it.. It’ll be in Frankenmuth and I’m excited.. Come back tomorrow to check out the Race Day post! =D


Well, it’s Friday.. So that means we get to hang out in front of our computers looking at some delicious paleo treats that I find off of blogs that I read and connect them here so that you wonderful people can make them.. And this one looks just stupid delicious! Plus there are NO nuts in this, which is good because I’m starting to believe that nuts really don’t sit well with my body.. along with dairy, and gluten.. UGH. I’m just a walking disaster aren’t I?


Well without further ado, let us check out Ms Taylor‘s delicious recipe for Strawberry Banana Coconut Muffins over at her blog, Taylor Made It Paleo! Thanks Taylor for this recipe!





And now on to some facts.. Today I wanted to give five things that I’m thankful for/appreciate a whole lot.. So let me start..


1. I want to thank my body.. For multiple reasons.. lets start with the fact that I can run, walk, talk, jump, skip, dance (though not well), and so much more! That alone is enough to want to thank my body… But I also want to thank it for getting me through races, through times that I just can’t help but eat another cookie, and through the times that I hate everything about it.. I’m still learning to love my body for what it is, but I think thanking it is a good step in the right direction!



2. My parents.. I need to thank both of them for being around whenever I need them.. I know that growing up we didn’t always see eye to eye, and honestly sometimes we still don’t.. but I know that they’re always there for me.. They’re out of bed at 4am to come to races, they’ll take the early morning or late night calls when I need to chat, and they even agree with my craziness from time to time when they know that it’s what I need to hear.. Thanks mom and dad! Love you both!




3. My sisters.. They’re both crazy and insane and fun and weird but man do I love them.. both just as supportive as my parents.. but they do one better, they actually participate in my craziness! That’s right, they’re BOTH running the Detroit Women’s Half Marathon with me! I’ve created some monsters! 😉



4. My boyfriend and his family.. Wow, this post is getting really gushy isn’t it? Well sometimes you need to show support to everyone that’s behind the scenes! Let me tell you, my boyfriend family are definitely a huge part of behind the scene support! Him, his parents, as well as his brother are some awesome people that I know I can always count on! Always wishing me luck on whatever crazy thing I’m partaking in! They’re wonderful!




5. And last but definitely not least, I want to say how thankful I am for being granted with such wonderful experiences and opportunities! I’m currently in a wonderful graduate program, I’ve graduate college and I’m on my way to finding out what I want to do for the rest of my life.. Not everyone is so lucky.. I’ve been blessed with a life that many only dream of.. No, that’s not me being cocky, it’s saying that I realize that I have been blessed! I do not take my situation for granted.. ok, some days I do.. but today I’m reflecting on the fact that I shouldn’t.. These opportunities aren’t available to everyone and I’m thankful that I had them available to me.. With hard work and some persistence, anything is possible!




Sorry that got so deep guys! Well, go make some of Taylor’s muffins, then let me know what you’re thankful for! Have a great Friday!!






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