The Experience Race Recap!

So, as you all know I raced this past Saturday.. Let me tell you, it was an interesting one… Let us start with the swim..




So, where the dock is there was a boat connected to it.. we got into the boat then jumped in from the front of the boat into the river.. It was a water start, so we were hanging out just before the bridge treading water for a few minutes before they blew the horn so we could start.. They started the triathlon in waves of people, yes, they usually do this, but this one was crazy! There were so many people that there were seventeen, yes SEVENTEEN, waves of starts! The first wave went off at 7:45am, and I (in the last wave) didn’t start until 8:44am! That means that we got to hang out for an hour before we started.. It was during this hour that I realized I forgot to take my ENERGYbits.. I was not happy.

1001912_10151733451239166_1365260059_n 375648_10151733451229166_811573057_n 968884_10151733451224166_937917018_n



So.. Then we got to swim in the river.. And it was during this swim that I decided that if I’m swimming in open water I don’t want to be able to see the bottom.. I don’t want to be able to see more than a few inches.. I also don’t want to be able to touch ANYTHING! Luckily once we jumped in the water there was NO touching the bottom.. That made me one happy girl! Not to mention that the water was 70deg, so I got to wear my floatation device  wetsuit during the swim!

I told you guys I was going to keep telling myself, “Keep Calm and Swim On” and honest to buoy I did! Basically the WHOLE swim! But it was kind of a breakthrough for me.. While I didn’t swim straight through like I should have (I turned on my back a few times) I stayed calm and didn’t turn on my back nearly as much as normal! I reminded myself that I CAN swim and that I’m a STRONG swimmer (strong ≠ good) and could get through it.. And I did!


1006327_10151733451614166_484063348_n 1017072_10151733451609166_947898282_n 998589_10151733451619166_1639675152_n


I’m the one in the front of the first picture! Then there were people at the stairs to grab our hands so we didn’t slip getting out of the water.. I did talk to one of my friends that was racing the Elite group (first wave) and she told me that they didn’t have anyone helping them out of the water! It’s safe to say that I was happy that I was in the last wave!

So, then we had to run probably 1/4 mile to T1. Luckily it was essentially all grass and not hard on the body.. I did feel bad for the people doing the Aquabike (swim & bike, no run) that had to make the trek to the transition area.. I however thought that they should make the run at the end of the triathlon shorter since we had to run so far to T1… Most people agreed.. I think the race directions would have just told us “tough luck” though.


So T1 was uneventful.. though it WAS the first race that I had to leave my wetsuit out and come back and it still be there.. In Motor City we had two different transition areas.. so I didn’t really know what to do with my wetsuit since I would be coming back to the same place and didn’t want it in the way.. Luckily (being wave 17) I saw that most people just dumped them on the ground and I decided to do the same.


993657_10151733451604166_1919802424_n 550993_10151733451944166_1123385330_n
So, remember how I said I realized I didn’t take my ENERGYbits before the race.. WELL, on the bike (about 2miles in) when I couldn’t push like I normally can I realized that I FORGOT TO EAT! Yes, you read that correctly! I didn’t eat before the race! Not one bite! I had an apple in my purse and FORGOT to eat it! I did have coffee.. but, well, before a race all that does it help ‘clean you out’ if you know what I’m saying.. So yea, NO FOOD! It was rough. Luckily (since I seem to forget to fuel before a race a lot) I had a Hammer Gel in the Zipp Box on my bike and was able to take that to help a bit.. But honestly, it didn’t help the bike.. I usually average around 18mph on the bike, give or take, and Saturday I averaged about 15.3mph.. It was HORRIBLE.


But I was ready to make up for it on the run, and by golly I did! Managed a 8:30pace for the 5k! I was very happy with the run.. It took me a good mile to really feel strong on the run, but even through that mile my pace was about 8:40! So the run definitely wasn’t the problem this time around.. So I DID have a run that Morgan Freeman should have narrated! =D

1146441_10151733451934166_1092794486_n 483904_10151733451939166_606642537_n 27136_10151733451949166_881124893_n


I ended up 6th in my age group, out of 11. Not what I wanted.. I wanted to place again.. but as my boyfriend put it, “You can’t win EVERY time.” He really does know how to make me smile.

So since we were in Frankenmuth, and I’d never been there, my mom and I decided to walk around and see the town! Probably not the best idea.. walking around post race = one SORE body! But let me tell you.. it was BEAUTIFUL!

1003046_10151733452174166_155213699_n 544512_10151733452169166_1827498977_n 1146587_10151733452164166_917478583_n


Fairy village!!


1005772_10151733452434166_1261459328_n 548923_10151733452429166_1314838366_n 1098178_10151733452439166_1563163857_n


Fountain, flowers, then me and my mom before leaving Frankenmuth.. Behind us is the dock & bridge where the race started!


I was in bed by 10pm on Saturday night and didn’t get up until 8am.. Even then I vetoed my thoughts of getting up then and hung out in bed for another hour before talking myself into making eggs and bacon.  Race day followed by a lazy Sunday is the way to go.. I only want to race Saturday races from here on out!


So that was The Experience in Frankenmuth! Definitely would do it again.. but you know, WITH eating breakfast!




2 thoughts on “The Experience Race Recap!

    • Some people wear their running shoes on the bike.. However, I have cycling shoes (that clip into special pedals) that I wear on the bike.. Then I switch to my running shoes (that have bungee type laces so I don’t have to tie them) for the run.

      I started as a cyclist, so I had cycling shoes.. But just starting out it’s totally acceptable to wear your running shoes on your bike.

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