Whole30, Half Training, & Chocolate

FRIDAY! So, I’m up north with friends enjoying the weekend, but I made sure to write this post before so you wonderful people would have something to do to pass the time at work on Friday.. Oh, you know you all do it! Why else would we all follow blogs? 😉

Always, let us start by checking out some PALEO Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes from a guest post over at PaleOMG! The post was by Adriana from Living Healthy With Chocolate! SO make sure to show her some love in thanks for this delicious-droolable cupcake!




And per usual, let us get onto Five Facts Friday..

1. I’ve finally finished It Starts with Food and will be starting my Whole30 this Sunday! You see, I’m up north until tomorrow morning-ish and we have friends in from Florida and didn’t want to give up on a fun weekend (the drinking part) by starting Whole30 before the weekend was done.. So why Sunday? Because everyone ALWAYS starts on Monday, but I don’t want to give myself another day to eat bad foods just because I’m starting the Whole30 the following day! (Want more information on Whole30 without reading the book, check it out here.)




2. I’m officially half marathon training! Craziness! Well, not really crazy, but it’s going to be a fun time. I love running and I’m looking forward to the long run runners high! I’ve actually decided to do an 8 mile training run on the Woodstock Run trail on Sunday! Seeing as 8miles is twice as long as my run on Sunday is supposed to be, it’s going to be a very slow, enjoy nature, type run.



3. I’ve also realized that I train/workout better when I have an event planned.. So along with the half in September that I’m going to do, I’m planning on doing another one on Nov 9th. I haven’t signed up for that one yet (found it on Wednesday), but I’m excited!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 6.52.34 PM


4. HGTV is my guilty pleasure.. I’m watching it as I type.. Well, more I watch it then remember that I’m trying to write you fabulous people a post and start typing again.. I love watching them re-do houses.. Property Brothers &  Income Property FOR THE WIN! Oh, speaking of guilty pleasure TV shows.. SHARK WEEK ANYONE?! Yup, definitely pulled me in a few times this week!





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