My Whole30 Challenge

So I mentioned on Friday that this Sunday (August 11th) I was going to start Whole30.. You can read all about the do’s and don’ts here, but I wanted to outline a few things that I’m going to do specific for me and why.



1. No nuts… I know that I’ve mentioned a few times that nuts cause me to break out, but I’ve also realized that they lead me to overeat. Both nuts and nut butters are things that I will eat when I’m not hungry because they taste good. The point of Whole30 is to get back to the basics and to prove to yourself that food does not define you.. So for those reasons I’m staying away from nuts.

2. Only two servings of fruit a day.. While fruit is healthy, the amount of sugar in the fruit can be a sugar trigger just like a Snickers bar or a cookie. I’m sick of craving sugar all the time (I should do the 21-Day Sugar Detox next) and want to help rid myself of that craving!



3. Only two cups of coffee a day, and they MUST be finished before heading to work!.. This is another one of those things that I fight with. I’m addicted to caffeine and I know it. I think that cutting down to two cups of coffee and making them something I have to enjoy before heading to work will help me ENJOY coffee rather than make it a necessary thing. I will also enjoy this coffee black, rather than putting some paleo-fied creamer in it.



4. Last but definitely not least, I’m going to make sure that I’m active everyday! The training schedule I have planned has Saturday as a rest day, and that I’ll take because I’ll need it.. But I’m going to make it a 30 day promise that I’m not going to skip out on my gym plans! This will help get me back into a schedule and make it that much easier to go to the gym or get up to run!




I’m doing the Whole30 because lately I’ve been giving myself too many, “You need to enjoy life…” passes lately! I can feel it both physically and mentally, I’ve gained some weight and I just don’t feel like myself anymore. These next 30 days aren’t going to be easy, but I’m committed to doing this for myself so that I can be a happier person again!


2 thoughts on “My Whole30 Challenge

  1. Good luck, girl!

    While I’ve opted to steer away of the super strict eating.. I think a Whole30 is good for everyone to try! It’s an awesome “reset”!

    And I think even more strict than 21DSD.. Only difference on the sugar detox, is your fruit is limited to one green apple or one green-tipped banana a day.

    Looking forward to seeing how it works for you!! Make sure you eat ENOUGH! I know they’re all about not counting calories, but with your activity level, make sure you’re eating enough sweet potatoes! 😉

    • Thanks Jennifer! I’ve decided that I’m going to eat some with breakfast every morning, then some at dinner if I’m craving them.. I know they don’t count calories, but seeing as I want this to be a FULL BODY reset, I want to make sure I’m doing it properly!

      If I start to feel like I’m not eating enough I’m going to track it to make sure that I am! Especially since I’m going to start going to the gym versus just running!

      Don’t worry, you’ll be able to follow the journey on the blog! =D

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