My Decision to Ditch Diets for Good…

So, after my post on Friday I started thinking, and I realized that I HATE labeling how I eat.. I hate saying, “I can’t have that” or even worse, “What can I eat here?”.. So, this post is about my very bold decision to ditch the dieting labels and return to eating HEALTHY.


I’ve been pondering how to approach this post, partly because I don’t want people to think that I’m taking the “easy way out” and partly because I don’t want to lose followers because of my decision.. But amidst the latter thought I realized, I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think! I’ve decided to discuss the reasons that I’ve decided to ditch diet labeling and what that means for me.


Let me start with the obvious.. This decision was VERY hard for me.. I didn’t want to give up on something that I believed wholeheartedly in..  I’ve read It Starts With Food.. I know what certain foods do to the human body.. I know that some foods are better than others, and some offer no nutrients at all.. So why change from a very clean way of eating to a lifestyle that’ll be considered a SAD? The answer is actually pretty easy, because I felt better/happier/more myself when I ate what I wanted to.


Let me take a step back for a second and say that the paleo lifestyle is a great one. It really is! Eating foods that our bodies are made to eat, eating food that we’ve been eating for centuries not just since the agricultural revolution. I respect everything that the paleo community does for people, trying to inform the ‘everyday folk’ that grass-fed meat, fruit, veggies, and healthy fats are the best thing for you.. But here’s the thing, for me, it just wasn’t. I’d get so obsessed about what I was eating that I felt like I was more part of a cult than a community..


Yes, that is on me.. But in the end this IS about me, and I wasn’t happy.. I can preach paleo, I really can! I’ve just realized that it’s not for me. I feel great when I have some bread, greek yogurt, and white potatoes. I like that I can make a lunch in 5minutes if I’m in a rut versus having to plan every.single.meal so that I’ll have lunch for the week. OK, that makes it sound like I’m lazy, but I’m not. I love cooking and I love making paleo dishes! Gosh, I have one planned for dinner tonight.. But to me, I’m making it as a ‘healthy dinner’ not a ‘must make sure dinner is paleo’ dinner.


If you can’t tell, this is really difficult for me to get into words. The more I write the more I think I’m getting off track. So let me get back by saying what this means to me..

It means that I’m going to enjoy bread, yogurt, potatoes, and even some processed non-sense.
It means that I’m going to reintroduce protein bars & shakes into my life.. Though they’ll still be what I consider ‘clean probably as close to paleo’ shakes and bars as possible.

Yea, that’s about it.. I don’t plan on leaving behind my healthy lifestyle.. But I’m not going to feel bad when I go to a party and they have cake and I eat a piece.. I’m not going to fret when my boyfriend and I decided that we want baked-beans and potatoes with our burgers (and bun!). We’ve both decided that we’re going to start going to the gym more, eating at home more (and stop calling it ‘eating at home’ when we order in!)! But you know what.. we’re going to eat healthy, with our buns, and potatoes, and rice.. Because you know what? We like that stuff and it makes us happy and feel good.

When you’re working out on a regular basis you might think, “Well, this means I can eat a bit of of X because I workout!” but we’ve decided that in all honesty, we eat better when we’re working out. It’s hard to want to destroy what you did in the gym when you’re in the kitchen.. but hey, if we slip up and decide we want some ice cream (& for me, the stomach ache) I don’t want to feel bad about it anymore. Not to mention, I still think that things like pasta, potatoes, and bread should be kept to the smaller portion of your meal.. I still think the government if full of crap. (See below.)



I don’t know who Health Coach Ali is, but I think her plate looks about like mine will. With that plate, exercise on the regular (you know, ACTUALLY getting my butt out of bed in the morning to workout!), and POSITIVE thinking I’m hoping to get into a good mindset with my ‘new’ healthy lifestyle.


All of that being said.. I hope to give the Whole30 a chance once I’m in the right mindset for it.. I need to FEEL healthy before I take on something as daunting as restricting more food. After being 80/20 paleo for six months, I don’t think the 30days will be that hard.. I just need to make sure that I’m 100percent happy before I take on a new challenge. Happy with both my diet, my exercise regime, and myself.

Well, there you have it. I’ve officially gone back to being a healthy person. 😉 Hope you all understand!



6 thoughts on “My Decision to Ditch Diets for Good…

  1. Good for you! Listening to your body is always the best policy…I think we get so wrapped up in committing to a certain lifestyle, we forget that the some things just don’t work for everyone. And sometimes, it’s okay to have a piece of cake.

    • It’s ok to have a piece of cake more than sometimes.. right?! 😉

      It’s funny though.. now that I know that I CAN have a cupcake if I want to.. I really don’t want to.. Crazy how our brains work!

  2. Girl I totally know what you are saying!
    I tried the paleo thing, and while it is a good idea in theory, I literally would fall asleep all day long. I have ZERO energy!

    Lately, I’ve just been eating…eating what I want, and it is freeing. I do notice that the more I let myself eat, the less I worry about food.

    If I have a mindset in which I am allowed to have whatever I want, I actually am able to eat better and more healthy, which is strange. But knowing the fact that I can eat a cookie if I want one is very freeing!

    It really is more of a mental game! Because in the long run, one cookie won’t kill ya.

    Plus, life is to be enjoyed, never endured!


  3. So much agree with this.. I can preach paleo all day and night long and judge people for eating their non-paleo meals.. but for me, I LOVE rice, and feel SO much better now that I started eating it more. I like potatoes, too! YUM! And neither make me feel gross or bloated and they’re giving me that extra energy I need.
    Plus with how active you are, you need to eat like a pound of sweet potatoes a day to sustain! 🙂

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