I’m a dabbler..

Well that just sounds a bit ridiculous doesn’t it? But it’s true.. I like to dabble in a bunch of different things.. Let me list the different things that I’ve done (mostly fitness related)..

Taekwondo– Ok, I was like a LOT younger, but still.
Track/Golf/Cheerleading– Those were the high school sports.
Soccer/Basketball/Volleyball/Track-Those were my middle school sports.
Wall/Rock Climbing- The Rec at school has one.
Golfing– Still enjoy it from time to time, though I suck.

Rowing– One year in college.

12535_170713319165_5877089_n 24090_382457444165_1534527_n
Cycling– Now part of triathlons.

Marathon running– Got hurt, so I’m trying to stick to 13.1 or shorter now.

Triathlons– Still fun, but I’ll never be ‘great’ at them.

Swimming– Only thanks to triathlons.
Ironman 70.3– On the schedule for next summer.
Snowboarding– Had my own for four years, finally sold it to buy skis.

Skiing– The snow kind.. Fun winter pastime.
Yoga– Bikram just wasn’t for me.. Too. Hot!
Group Fitness Classes– I try, I really do, they just don’t seem to sit well with me.. I always find a reason to hate them.
Solar Car Team– Ok, so I have the T-shirts from MSU.. I was never REALLY involved.
Volunteering– I like to volunteer; Hospitals, teams, etc.
Mountain Biking– Still enjoy it from time to time, also have a huge scar thanks to it.

Cyclocross– Still TRYING to try this out!
Mud Runs– I’ve done the Warrior Dash, but still plan on doing a Tough Mudder.

Hiking– Something I’d love to do if I lived someplace with mountains!


The way I see it.. The more things that I try out the more I’ll know what I’m interested in.. But, it also means that I get infatuated with something for a short period of time.. Luckily, for me, I usually end up coming back to it, or it’s something that I can lots of use out of.. Like my road bike, I’ve been able to use it in triathlons, group rides, and just to ride for fitness. Running is an easy one, everyone needs running/gym shoes (plus running is the one thing that I fell HEADOVERHEELS in love with!)

But it means that somedays I just REALLY want to join something.. Like yesterday it was the Detroit Boat Club Crew.. I loved rowing in college I only left my spring semester at MSU because I didn’t have the same connection with the people that I did when I started rowing at CU-Boulder. But I miss rowing.. I was in great shape and I loved the people.. Sometimes teams/clubs are about the people more than they are the sport and I think that’s what I’m missing in my life.. I need a team/club to be on.


Yes I know, I’m a bit crazy. But I think I’ll keep my money for now and save it (this is the morning after the initial thought talking…). It would be a nice thing to actually save some money up.. plus, when I’m older and have a ‘real person job’ at that point I’ll have the money to join a boat house if I want to, and it won’t keep me from buying groceries for the week! 😉


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