Five Facts Friday



1. I’ve made it to the gym TWICE this week! Tuesday I got in four miles around the gym (outside, my knees don’t do well inside) then went to a really really lame kickboxing class. Then yesterday I got in another four miles followed by some weight training.




2. I made my first protein smoothie last night.. Listen to this; one frozen banana, one scoop chocolate Plant Fusion protein powder, and almond milk. DELICIOUS! Seriously tasted like a chocolate shake.. I’m pretty sure that it’s going to start to be breakfast!




3. Classes start next Wednesday! I got assigned to teach Organic Chemistry and I’m terrified/excited! I know that it will help my understanding of chemistry!




4. My abs hurt.. a lot..seriously, at the gym yesterday I was hardly able to any abs! Sad, I know. 😉 ^^ I want her bod!




5. I’ve got an 8mile training run planned for Sunday! I’m excited since I’ve rocked my last two 4mile runs (Tuesday: 9:03pace & Thursday: 8:51pace) so hoping to keep a 10min pace! =D


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