Lunatik Athletiks Zuza Review

So, I was lucky enough to be offered to review a pair of Zuza Compression socks from Lunatik Athletiks! I was allowed to pick the pair that I wanted to try and to be completely honest it was NOT an easy choice! I decided to go with the Energetic Argyle ones, though I loved them all!

So I received them last Friday the 23rd.. I got home from work and was debating not going for a run and just pushing it off until Saturday, which is normally my rest day. However, when I got home and saw that I got a package I immediately knew what it was and HAD to take them for a spin!

photo 1 (46)




I think I had that picture taken before I even had my backpack off of my back.. Seriously I was stoked! If you follow me on Instagram you’d already know that! But anyways, I got changed to go for my 5K run (supposed to be 3miles, but the route is a bit longer so I normally just round it off to a normal 5K).


photo 2 (45)


Aren’t they just beautiful?? I was so excited! I actually decided to wear all black on my run so that the socks would POP! Yes, I am a girl!


So anyways, put on the socks and wasn’t really expecting a great run or anything. I’d ran four miles on Tuesday & Thursday (9:03pace & 8:51pace respectively) and my legs were pretty much beat. So I started out letting my legs do the talking.. but a mile in I realized I was making great time.. 8:55 for the first mile.. I just kept on keeping on, second mile 8:34pace. At this point I owed my pace to these awesome socks! My legs were so beat before putting them on that I figured my pace for the run was going to be close to 10minutes.


Ended the last mile at 8:20pace, then the last .1mile (5K=3.1miles) in 49seconds.

photo 3 (30)


Couldn’t have been happier with these socks! I wish I wouldn’t have drank so much on Saturday so that I would have been able to get my but out of bed BEFORE 5:30pm to actually do my 8mile training run.. Lucky for me I have another 8 miler planned for this weekend, so it’s not really going to set me back for my training.. Seriously, NEVER drinking again!


Ok.. maybe just not for a while.. 😉


Anyways, back to Lunatik.. I would recommend these socks to EVERYONE! They’re fun, GREAT for runs, and I’m sure that they’ll be great for recovery too! They also have running skirts (which are ALL adorable), as well as, compression socks & sleeves for men and women! Seriously check them out, you won’t be disappointed!


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