This has been a long week and Friday is much needed and appreciated.. No need to recap the horrible week.. We’ll just leave it with I had a hard time sleeping all week…

So onto some bright things.

1. I’ve started making Protein Smoothies for breakfast! I was making them post workout, but seeing as my protein powder isn’t strictly whey protein using them as a meal seemed like a good idea.. This won’t happen ALL the time but it IS a delicious breakfast! I need to thank Ms Linz over at Itz Linz for her Summer Smoothie post for inspiring my new protein smoothie fix!

photo (39)

2. I’m heading up north today! YAY! Best part? We already have a tee time for Saturday AND my boyfriend’s dad told me to be ready for Lemon Drops! To which of course I replied, “Born Ready!”


3. I have a 8 mile training run to run on Sunday.. I’m excited because I’ll be doing it up north, which is nice because it’s BEAUTIFUL! BUT it also means that I’ll have to get my butt up in the morning so that I can get it in before the road gets too busy.


4. I’m gearing up to a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run in the Detroit area. I’m very excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to do the training and start helping some young girls find love in running and in being the best that they can be!

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 11.33.15 AM

5. I’m so excited that it’s a three day weekend!!! After this week it’s sooooo needed! I don’t think it could have come at a better time.

Have a safe weekend everyone!


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