Dark mornings, Bright colors, Run fast?

Hey guys.. I need your help.. So here’s the deal.. I want to start running in the morning (before school) so that I can go to the gym and focus on other stuff after school..




Seems easy enough, right? WRONG! See.. the thing is that I have to be to school most day by 8am.. (my late day is 10:40am, though we’ll still be there probably closer to 8:30am).. This means that if I want to run, I have to leave myself a good.. uh.. we let’s figure this out..

Monday & Friday: Need to be in by 8:10am.. Need to leave home by 7:40am.. Need to be out of the shower by 7:20.. Need to be in the shower by 7:10.. Need 30mins to run 3 miles (to be on the safe side).. Means I need to have my foot out of the door by 6:35am.

Tuesday & Thursday: Even worse. Need to be in by about 7:40am.. Leave by 7:20 (the earlier you’re on the road the less time it takes you to get anywhere.. oh Detroit..).. In shower by 6:50, 4 mile run.. means I need to be leaving my porch by 6am..




Alright.. so that seems a little crazy.. but I feel like I’ll love being up and about before everyone else.. ESPECIALLY when I set the delay on my coffee maker and get out of the shower to freshly brewed coffee!



OK. So I mentioned that I needed your help.. and I do.. because I know that a lot of you guys run in the A.M. I’m wondering what precautions I should take while running in the morning.. I mean, in the summer we could be up at 5am and have it sunny outside.. but the sunrise is getting later and later here in Michigan and I don’t want to have to worry about getting hit, not being seen, etc.


photo (40)


So I ask you this.. What are your ESSENTIALS when you head out in the morning on a dark run?

Headlamp? Reflection vest? Bright colors? Make sure to carry your phone? Run without headphones? Keep the loop close to home? Run fast?

I really have no idea guys! Please help me out!




3 thoughts on “Dark mornings, Bright colors, Run fast?

  1. I feel safer when I go to the gym to run when its dark out. But if a gym isn’t easily accessible, then definitely take a reflective vest and i wouldn’t run with headphones in either! Also, let several people know what your usual running path is!


  2. Leave the headphones at home, wear an Id tag or Road Id, and get some kind of blinky light that you can get at your local running shop. And maybe some pepper spray

  3. When I do night runs, or early morning runs, I wear a reflective vest, a headlamp and a blinking butt lamp (usually hooked n the back of my vest)… I also usually bring my phone and let the hubs know exactly where I am running… or I’ll meet up with a friend. I live a bit off the beaten path, so I also try to stick close to home. Hope that helps!

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