My confessions…


Let me start out with confession numero uno.. I got the idea from these posts from Ms Cori over at Olive To Run.. So PLEASE go check out her site since she’s awesome and SO fun! Oh, and if you want one of the great posts to read from her (you know, just to get a feel) check out her engagement story.. it seriously makes me smile!

Alright, with that out of the way let me get to the big confession…


I STILL HAVEN’T RUN ANY OF MY LONG RUNS! I know.. I’m a horrible person! How can I be half marathon training if I can’t get a long run in?! I know I know.. Two weekends ago I went to a metro park with my sister and we ran about the first 2.5 miles. Yes, and by ran I mean I jogged slowly next to my sister.. Then we started walking and essentially walked the next 6 miles..

So what about this past weekend? WELL.. I was supposed to run on Sunday. I had it all planned, my whole Sunday actually, but then I ended up going to MSU for the football game on Saturday.. then we ended up out at the bars.. and one thing lead to another, and the next thing I knew I was finally able to get up at 3pm on Sunday.. Yea, it was one of those weekends..

photo 1 (48)

TOTALLY unplanned, but to be honest, I’m glad I went. Yes, I missed ANOTHER long run, so I haven’t run more than 6miles in training for this half marathon.. Yup, truth.. But we had a great time (my boyfriend and I) in EL hanging out with his brother and some of our friends.

photo 2 (47)

So that’s my confession. I’m going into this half marathon (on Sunday) without have running more than 6miles in a row.. You can say that I’m less than prepared.. So that’s probably why I’ve finally signed up for the Clarkston Back Road’s Half Marathon.. Gives me another chance for training for a half marathon this year..

Whoops.. Hope you don’t all hate me now.. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY EVERYONE!

OH, one more confession.. I have this as the lock screen on my iPhone.. You’re welcome! 😉



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