Knuckle Lights Review

So, if you follow me on Instagram or you’ve read my Friday post you’ll have noticed that I have these awesome things called Knuckle Lights. The founder of Knuckle Lights was gracious enough to give me a set of the lights to review and after a few runs with them I can finally tell you all about them!

photo 1 (49)

Alright. So let me start out with the fact that I got these babies in like three days! Seriously, it took no more than three days to get these guys in the mail.. So, let’s start with the obvious by saying that their shipping method is awesome (FREE priority shipping)! Ok, I know that doesn’t REALLY matter, but I figured it should be added.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.13.37 AM

Alright, so I received a blue set of Knuckle Lights! Currently they have the colors Pink, Yellow, Silver, & Black! I believe that mine are blue because I received a set that they wouldn’t sell the customers (probably when they had blue as one of their main colors) because the package was ‘bad’ (I didn’t notice anything wrong, but maybe I just have low standards?).. In the package I also received a bumper sticker & with the lights came batteries & a paper with how to install the batteries.

photo 2 (48)

Of course I couldn’t wait to try them out.. But it was midday when I got them so I had to just try them on for size. As you can see in the picture of the paper above, they have an adjustable strap that goes on your palm. I had to barely adjust mine, but they now fit perfectly when running with or without gloves.

photo 3 (33)

The first time I used them I was going on a group run with some new people. Let me tell you, I made some friends right away! I WAS bragging a bit to have lights on my hands and not my head (you know, like a standard headlamp), but I think they understood the bragging the I turned on the lights for the run!

Each light is 45 Lumens. Most headlamps are anywhere from 10-99 Lumens, but they don’t have the flexibility of being moved easily. The lights also have three settings. Seeing as I’m running at 6am here in Michigan and the sun isn’t thinking about coming up until about 7am I always have them on the first setting, or the brightest one. However, there are two more. The second is dimmer, and the third is a blinking light.

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 9.13.25 AM

I could legitimately light the road for probably three runners running side-by-side. Of course, they all have headlamps, but I was the one giving off the most light. Even today I met with the group again (the first time I used them was about a week ago) and a girl that knew that I had them said to her sister, “Look, those are those bright lights I was telling you about.” Seriously, they love them! I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of my running group decides to get them!

photo 4 (24)

Ok, you get the point they’re great. But hear this, not only are they bright but they’re great for other reasons too.  Like the fact that I can change the position of them easily. When cars are driving towards us, I put one arm to my side (swinging back and forth) and the other still facing forward but angled down a bit. I do this so that the car can see the people behind me, and so that I’m not blinding them with the one facing forward. They’re also nice because I can easily point out anything on the road that runners need to be aware of (branches, pot holes, etc). Seriously, they’re amazing!

SO, if you’ve started running the the dark (like me) whether it be A.M. or P.M. make sure you check out Knuckle Lights as an option for lighting your way!


UPDATE! In mid-October I will have a promo code for you guys that will give you $5 off! However, I must wait until mid-October. So check back then or follow me on twitter and/or Instagram be sure to get the code!! 


One thought on “Knuckle Lights Review

  1. Ahhh I think you’ve tempted me to purchase some. I’ve been debating between knuckle lights and a headlamp. This is a WAY better option.

    -Ash 🙂

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