Finally Freaking Fabulous Friday

So, I think one of the few things I remember and use from high school english class is alliration. Mrs. Simmons would be proud. If you all don’t know what alliration is, it’s the use of the same sound in a series of words. You know, like Finally Freaking Fabulous Friday! Get it, get it? Ok, sorry, I know, this isn’t English class.


1. So this week I confessed that I hadn’t run a long run yet for my half marathon. It’s true. The longest I’ve ran since training at one time is 6miles, yea, that’s not enough half of a half. I DID jog/run 8.5 with my sister.. but it was more like ‘jog as fast as we could be walking’ for three miles followed by walking 5.5miles. Yup.


2. I’m running a half marathon on SUNDAY! I know, like you guys haven’t heard about it like 10000times. Oh well, I guess if you keep coming back you still want to know what’s going on in my life. Currently lots of running, if you haven’t figured that out yet. 😉

photo 2 (49)

3. I’ve made it out for morning runs TWICE this week! Ok, well actually three times if you count this morning.. but seeing as I’m writing this yesterday (or today.. AH!) I can’t count it just yet.. But I made the FB event, so I have to go to this one! UPDATE: Reason not to count your chickens before they hatch.. Definitely didn’t make it this morning, woke up to storms and decided to go back to bed.


4. I’ve been working like a mad-woman at work/school! We have a symposium coming up next weekend and I had to plot all of my data and now I have to make a huge poster. It’s be so busy that I actually borrowed another monitor to hook up to my PC. Therefore, I had FOUR monitors hooked up. Well, two computers each attached to its own second monitor.. Insane.. All I have to say is that DropBox is heaven sent and if you don’t have it you should join, just click here. OHHH, and I make pretty colors at work. ^^

photo 3 (34)

5. Did you know that coconut oil is solid below 75deg F and an oil anything above that? Yea, I did. But last night was the first time that I realized that my coconut oil has finally went from having a liquid top layer to being solid again.. You know what that means? IT’S FALL!!!! =D

Have a great weekend everyone!


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