Welcome to Graduate School.

As you might know, I’m in graduate school. I’m currently a second year Chemistry student in hopes of one day getting my PhD.. Alright, so getting that out of the way, you might have a slight idea as to why I’ve been absent this past week. I apologize. It sucks being so busy that you can’t sit down for a bit to write a post for all of my wonderful followers. Well, we have an exam today (called a CUME (cue-m)) over ELEVEN papers.. Then with a symposium that we had on Saturday I’ve been busy non-stop for the past week and a half.. So let me catch you up to date!


On the 22nd I ran the Detroit Women’s Half marathon with my sisters, a friend, and a friend from HS’s mom.. I did better than I was expecting finishing in 2:05:57.. Race recap to come soon!

photo 1 (51)

The following weekend I made it to Stony Creek Metropark for my FIRST EVER trail run! It was amazing! So beautiful that .5 miles into my 5.6mile run I pulled out my headphone so that I could enjoy the sound of nature around me.

photo 3 (36)

Lots of reading has been going on.. As I said, I have a CUME tonight from 7-9pm and my advisor is writing it.. and it’s on my research.. so I NEED to do well! I know what you’re thinking, it’s your own research shouldn’t it be easy!? Come on guys… I JUST found out it was my research about a week ago when he started writing his grant proposal for NSF.. UGH!

Also, I’ve decided that ALL Starbucks coffee is horrible.. So I will no longer be a customer there.

photo 4 (26)

I got my Bama_Ry necklace in! Need to send a shout out to Cori for doing the review.. it is now my ‘go to’ necklace!

Up next is Run Scream Run on Oct 12th, which will be a WELL needed race after the exam that I have next Tuesday.. UGH.. Grad school is sooooo busy!


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