Run, Read, Repeat

Friday’s make me happy.. Why? Ha. Silly question right. I need the weekend.. especially this week.. I need to catch up on sleep (I’m still feeing a bit ‘groggy’ after that CUME) and I need some ME time. You know.. the time that you just hang out with a good book, or go on a walk by yourself, etc.


1. Tonight I’m meeting up with a friend of mine from college (actually my roommate for two years) to get pizza. MMMMMmmmm Pizza! I love pizza, and I miss her and her boyfriend, so it’ll be a good time! PLUS her birthday was Wednesday (which leave it to me, I forgot about) so it’s an EXTRA great reason to see her!


2. Saturday morning I’ll be participating in a 10 mile run with RUNdetroit. Another reason that pizza tonight will be amazing, I LOVVVEEE pizza as my ‘carbo-load’ meal for long runs.. I know, not the healthiest of choices, but it really is my ‘pre-race/long run’ meal of choice.


3. I’m FINALLY going to start reading King of Thrones. I have the box set and I haven’t been able to start them yet. So yes, you guessed it, my ME time this weekend will be starting the first book.. well.. re-starting it.


4. I have an exam on Tuesday.. Aka: I SHOULDN’T start reading Game of Thrones but I’m going to anyways.. why, because I want to.. And reading makes me happy and I haven’t had time to just read for fun in awhile.. I’ve done lots of reading, but not the kind that’s for pleasure.

PicFrame (1)

5. I’m hoping to get a trail run in on Sunday. Remember how I told you that I went on my FIRST trail run and it was awesome? Well, I’m hoping that Sunday I won’t be too beat from the 10miler and I’ll make it to a trail. BUT, if not I’ll probably just try to get a few easy recovery miles in.. Run Scream Run 10k a week from tomorrow, and then Clarkston Back Road’s Half on November 10th.. WOOT! I love races!


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