Early Workouts: Some Days are Easier than Others

So I recently got a text from my little sister. “How the heck do you get the energy/motivation to get up early to workout? I tired today but you know how that worked out”. That was it, she knew that from that I’d take from it that she obviously didn’t get up and wanted to know my ‘secret’.

Well here’s the secret. THERE IS NO SECRET! I struggle just as much as the next person with getting up in the morning to workout. Some day’s it is easy, other days.. not so much. But I’ll let you in to what I’ve noticed for myself over the past few years of getting up to workout.


1. Getting to the gym when it’s dark out is much easier than getting outside to run. This is something that I’ve just started to notice. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s getting cold outside, or because I could probably finish a 6 mile run without the sun thinking about waking up, but it’s exponentially easier for me to get up and go to the gym. For that reason I’ve switched my “run in the morning, gym after work/school” to gym before and run after. 


2. If you schedule it as if it’s an appointment, you won’t miss it. I’ve seen a lot of people say this, but it’s true. If you have access to a personal trainer, set up an early morning session with them. That way you HAVE to get up. Or find a friend that will go as early as you do to the gym and you’ll hold each other accountable.

photo (1)

3. Alarms are your best friend. Notice, I said alarmS. Plural. As in, more than one. As says the title, some days are easier than others. I know some days I jump out of bed as soon as my first alarm goes off, heck, some days I’m up BEFORE my alarm. But the ying to every yang, other days I’m getting up to my “Get. Your. Butt. Out. Of. Bed.” alarm.


4. Find a way to make your workouts fun! Seriously, working out can be such a fun time but you have to make it that way. Going to the gym dreading it isn’t going to make you want to go anymore. You have to find a way to have fun while you’re there. Maybe you listen to music that no one should EVER know that you enjoy, or even attend a class at the gym a few times a week, something fun like Zumba or Kickboxing. That way, you’ll have something to look forward to while you’re at the gym. Honestly, I mostly just rock out when I’m at the gym.. I lip0sy


5. Remember WHY you’re doing it! You set your alarm for a reason, right? Remember that reason when you’re cursing in the AM. Think of the abs that you want, or the minute that you want to cut off of your 2 mile time! Seriously, if you think of the WHY, you’ll get out of bed!


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