Let the Craziness Conclude! – Fall Bucket List

FINALLY! I finally have some down time! After an exam last Wednesday and one today I’m finally FREE from exams for a while! I could not be any happier!


So, I’ve seen a few of these around and I figured that I should do my own! FALL bucket list! I first saw Ms Cori’s over at Olive to Run, then Gina’s at Health, Love, and Chocolate. And now it’s my turn! I’m going to tell you the things that I CANNOT go without doing this fall! (And I’m going to make it a mission to make sure that EVERY THINGS gets checked off of this list!)


1. Do a fall based race — This one is a bit cheating.. You all know that I’m running Run Scream Run this weekend!


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 3.53.38 PM


2. Visit an apple orchard– I’ve been wanting to go for YEARS and somehow we never find time to go. Well this year I’m going to!




3. Carve pumpkins!– One of my favorite things to do in the fall with my boyfriend! We usually do one together, so we have ‘our’ pumpkin. You can see the ones that we’ve done the last two years!


IMG_1782 IMG_1545


4. Drink spiked hot apple cider!– I think I get this from my mom.. We ALWAYS had hot cider when we were growing up. NO, not spiked you crazy people! Just hot cider! And it would make the house smell AMAZING! Now it’s my go to tail-gating drink when we’re at home. Hot cider with Captain.. mmmmmm…




5. Go trail running just to admire the leaves changing color!– Probably one of the things I love MOST about living in Michigan in the fall is the leaves changing colors! But the thing is, sometimes you’ll miss it if you’re not paying attention! I’m going to have to go soon so that the leaves aren’t all fallen by the time I go to see them!




6. Roast pumpkin seeds– I guess this goes with #3.. I always want to save the seeds to roast.. I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds!




7. Spend a full day with my mom!– This seems silly, but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to hang out with my mom. Plus since her birthday is this month, I’m going to make sure to spend a full day with her!




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