Run Scream Run, Relaxing, & Running Around

Sometimes I feel like a chicken with my head cut off! Seriously. I’m one of those people that like to keep busy. Honestly the busier I am the more I can get done.. But on the flip side, the busier I am the more I just want to lay in bed and say “Screw it all!” Luckily this weekend, I was able to just relax. Well, a bit.



Saturday morning I got up, and was out the door by 6:45am. My first 10k was calling. Run Scream Run was a good 10k. Let me give you the really fast re-cap. Started out feeling fast. Hit the first mile in 9:01, second in 8:45.. Realized I was going pretty fast and slowed it down a notch to 9:16.. THEN the dreaded side cramp! Honestly, worst cramp I’ve gotten while running in a long long time! Lasted a whole mile, fourth mile clocked in at 11:04.. See, wasn’t kidding. Then fifth at 9:25, and sixth at 9:03. All in all I was pretty happy with the race. There wasn’t as many zombies as I expected, but honestly I’m not too upset about that.




So anyways, after the race I got home showered and caught up on a few shows that I’d been missing in real-time. I’ve decided that I like DVRing shows because I can fast forward through the commercials. So yea.. that’s all I did.. all day.. watched HIMYM, Do No Harm, and Glee. It was much needed. Just hanging out in bed, watching TV, doing nothing.. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered. And Saturday it was.




Sunday I ended up hanging out with my boyfriend all day. Had some breakfast, then started reading Game of Thrones. Then I decided to make something for lunch. Ended up making a ‘one pan bake’ with cut up potatoes, frozen veggies, and diced chicken. Took about an hour to make, so it was done in perfect timing with the beginning of the Lions game. I melted some cheese on mine and ate it with BBQ sauce. Mmmm.. Alex even went back for seconds! I wasn’t that hungry so I stuck with just one bowl. But it was DELICIOUS!


Then I went to his hockey game at 6pm, and we decided on the oh-so-not-healthy-but-delicious KFC for dinner. Hey.. We don’t always eat fast food, but sometimes it’s a nice change of pace. Plus we split a 6 piece meal and it was the perfect amount of food for the both of us!




But now back to the grind.. He has three exams all week, I have work/class/volunteering/gym/running AND we have a wedding to do to on Saturday! Busy week ahead!


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