I’m a Planner..

No.. not the kind that you write things down in.. that would just be weird. But I AM a planner.. (and I have one!). I like to plan stuff! Seriously, you should see how many ‘College plans’ word documents that I have.. They all have the classes that I need to take in order to graduate with whatever major/minor I wanted at that point. Yes, there are multiple. Eleven to be exact. Yup.


So it’s no surprise that I like to plan EVERYTHING. I mean everything. I have an excel spreadsheet for expenses that goes through NEXT December. I have a document that has ideas for what I want to do once I finish school. Honestly. I’m a planner.. I should have went into event planning, I’d be AWESOME at it!

Anyways. Since I plan my life, it’s no surprise that I already have the races that I want to do next year planned. No, I haven’t registered for any.. yet.. But I do have an excel spreadsheet for them.. Check it out.


Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 12.59.34 PM


As if you all needed MORE proof that I’m insane, right? Crazy thing is, I still plan on doing triathlons and want to get in a half ironman possibly too. But I might hold off on that until the following summer. We’ll see..

The funny thing is, for as much as a ‘planner’ as I am.. I’m also pretty spontaneous. More like I like to do things on a whim without completely thinking them through.. Not always, but sometimes. Groupon is a website for people like me.. Honestly, I would have taken 10+ trips if I had the money for a spontaneous trip and the time to take it.. Sadly I don’t have the money for the trips that I want to take.. Ode to being a poor graduate student.. (I WILL go to Italy sometime in the future!!)


Oh. and incase you’re not a runner, or you’re not like me and look at the amount of money that we pay for races.. let me tell you. It’s A LOT! The $387 is just the races that I still need to sign up for.. not the ones that I’ve already paid for, or the triathlons that I did this summer.. Aka: LOTS of my money goes towards racing. Surprise, surprise! 😉

Anyone else have their race calendar full for next year already?
Anything I MUST run/tri next year?!


One thought on “I’m a Planner..

  1. Love it! You’re just like me. I have endless spread sheets, word documents, notebooks, etc. for just about everything. I think I spend more time planning than actually doing things!
    You gave me a great idea about the race spreadsheet! I decided by 2015 Summer that I will run either a half or full marathon, full would be ideal. I’m not currently an avid runner but running a full marathon is on my bucket list. I start January 2014 with racing. In the meantime, a spreadsheet is due!

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