“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good…”



Oh Monday. How I dread thee Monday. On the plus side, I had an absolutely fantastic weekend.. It didn’t go as planned, but hey, they never really do.


photo 1


I woke up on Saturday morning to it raining outside. Morning, meaning like 6:20am.. I wasn’t happy. I checked my phone and sure enough, it was like 42deg outside. I’m not sure if you remember, but I was supposed to go for a 10mile run with a friend on Saturday morning. Though I’m still excited to run the route, so I’ll have to do it another time!.. Well, we decided that rainy and 42deg was not the way that we wanted to start the weekend, so I went back to bed. Fully intent on going to the gym at 9am..


Well, 9am rolls around and my boyfriend calls me. You see, his uncle’s wedding was on Saturday so he wanted to go to his parents house to hang out, watch the MSU game, and then drive to the wedding with his brother. SO, I packed up my stuff and we were on our way to his parents house by 9:30am.


photo 2 (53)


THEN, FINALLY, my boyfriend and his brother upgraded to smart phones! iPhones to be exact. SOOOO weird seeing him with a smartphone, or more like, so weird that he isn’t asking to use mine so that he can check his fantasy team when we’re out and about anymore! So we were at the Sprint place for about an hour, then headed to a coney island for breakfast/lunch.. I went with breakfast.


Then we went back to his parents house and watched the MSU game. Well, by ‘watched’ I mean I showered, dried my hair, got to watch a bit of it, then started doing my hair/getting ready for the wedding.. I’m not sure if you men are aware, but it really DOES take us ladies to get ready to go someplace nice if we’re trying to get all dressed up… Especially when it involves showering, AND using hot curlers..


Then we were out the door by 2:45pm to head to the wedding. The wedding didn’t start until 5pm but my boyfriend and his brother had to get there early for pictures. So myself and my boyfriend’s brother’s date just hung out. Wasn’t too bad actually.. Before we knew it it was 5pm.


photo 5 (20)


The ceremony was quick and right to the point, followed by a cocktail hour then a sit down dinner. No DJ, just a pianist, not a big wedding, only about 50 people. It was beautiful though, exactly what was perfect for the two of them! Of course come time for the Tigers game we were watching the game at the bar, complete with some vodka, sprite, and a splash of cranberry juice for myself. (DELICIOUS!)


We left somewhere in the 4th inning to drive back to my boyfriend’s parents house, since it was getting late AND it was close to an hour drive for us. I ended up passing out on the couch watching the game.. I was tired.


In the morning my boyfriend and I took his parents to the airport for their trip to Myrtle Beach. Lucky guys! They take so many trips! Well, maybe it just seems that way because I a) don’t have the money to take a fun trip or b) wouldn’t be able to take off from work during the semester.. probably c) all of the above.  Then Alex and I ended up finally getting breakfast/lunch around 11:30/noon. Chili fries and a grilled chicken and bacon wrap. Exactly what I needed!


photo 3 (37)


Then we hung out, watch the Lions game, then I left so he could get work done. I ended up FINALLY watching The Walking Dead when it aired, which was nice. Then passed out. Again, tired. I’m not sure what’s been with me lately, but it seems that I’m always tired.. I guess it just means that it’s fall. Oh, and since it was Sweetest Day on Saturday (don’t worry, we don’t actually ‘celebrate’ it as a holiday) Alex got me a small gift.. He said I needed it before Christmas.. and now I know why.. MATOR!!!!! He got me a Mator christmas ornament! I was soooooooooo excited! He knows me so well!


photo 4 (27)


Oh, we also decided that we might just chill in for Halloween this year. It IS my favorite holiday, but honestly I think with school being so stressful for the both of us that we wouldn’t mind a weekend of just chilling together. Not to mention that we could carve pumpkins, bake an apple pie, drink hot cider (spiked if we want!) and all in the comfort of sweatpants and oversized shirts. We’ll see.







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