Confession.. I lost sight..



So yesterday I wanted to go for a run.. Well, I hadn’t been on a run in a few days and was planning on running this morning (the 25deg temps kept me in bed though) so I didn’t want to run too far.


So I decided to run my old ‘go to’ 5k route around the area that I live.. but then I got to thinking that a 5k wasn’t far enough and that it wasn’t going to be ‘good exercise’. But then I had to stop myself..



I get it.. I’ve been running my races as half marathons, so 3.1 miles is essentially the ‘warm-up’ to that distance.. But since when was running over three miles something to be mad about, or down about?


I couldn’t believe that I had gotten down on myself for wanting to run ‘only’ 3.1 miles. I mean, that’s 3.1 miles more than most of the country! Not to mention that it’s exercise never the less! Honestly, I was disgusted with myself.

So what did I do? I went out and ROCKED those 3.1 miles. Heck, the first one even hurt a bit! But I sucked it up, enjoyed the beautiful weather, and ran those 3.1 miles like I stole something… Well, not really.. But my pace WAS averaged at 9:08/mile, so absolutely NO complaints here!


I guess my point is. Never get upset because you can’t get in the full distance that you have planned, or because someone else tells you that ‘oh, one mile.. uh.. that’s cool I guess’.. Remember that ANY time you get our the door is a huge feat and something to be celebrated and rejoiced! I lost sight of that for a little bit, and don’t ever want it to happen again!


Have a happy Wednesday everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Confession.. I lost sight..

  1. This is a great post! Very encouraging to those of us who can barely muster the will to run to our mailbox let alone a 5K or more! Thank you for basically saying that any distance we run trumps doing nothing at all. You’ve given me some much needed motivation to get back on my game! 🙂
    I’m really glad I found your blog! I represent Retro Fitness and we are having a special and exclusive VIP event in your area next month that I would love to invite you to. It would be SO great to meet you in person! I didn’t see a way to contact you via email so I apologize for leaving this in your comments. If you are interested, please email me at and I will send you more information and details. 🙂

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