The Countdown Begins.

If you’re anything like me, in college (or now) you have a countdown going until Christmas break.. Well, thing is, this time around I really don’t have a ‘Christmas Break’.. I’m going to take off Christmas Eve and Christmas day, then a few days over New Years to go to Chicago to hang out with some friends.. but other than that I don’t get that ‘much needed’ three week vacation.. SOOO I wanted to let you guys know what I’m looking forward to and how I’m going to get through the holiday season WITHOUT a vacation!
I cannot wait to..

Spend time with my (and my boyfriend’s) family!! Christmas starts with some of my family on the 21st with my dad’s side’s Christmas! Then Christmas Eve and Christmas day are filled with family parties, along with a progressive dinner on Alex’s mom’s side on the 29th!


Go to a wedding (boyfriend’s cousin’s) on the 14th! Already have my dress picked out and everything! Just need a ‘shaw’ type thing since it’s December and my dress is tank-top style.

Go to Chicago for a few days over New Years! We’ll be taking the train into Chicago to hang out with friends! I don’t think we’ll be downtown Chicago for NYE, but I’m determined to make it down there for at least a few hours while we’re around!


Things that are going to help keep me sane..

Working out! I signed up for THREE half marathons that are consecutive months (January-March), so I need to keep running and getting fit to be able to handle three WINTER half marathons!


Eating right! I say it all the time, but I’m 100% committed now.. I’m going to start eating healthier! This includes NO more sweets for me.. Not even on Christmas! I need to break a BAD sugar habit, and trying to eat sweets in ‘moderation’ isn’t working for me!


Spending time with loved ones! Something that sometimes is overlooked.. I’m going to make sure that every time I hang out with a loved one I let them know that I’m grateful that they’re in my life and that I’m blessed to be with them.


Well.. That’s that.. Now time to go to class! Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


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