oh you dirty minds you! I’m talking about a RUNNING streak! Like, run every day! Ok, so let me tell you how this idea got started.

I was at the gym last night (I MADE IT!) and I was reading a Runner’s World that I haven’t gotten around to reading. It’s the Holiday Issue, so either November or December’s issue, I’m not really sure.. Either way, I was reading it and I started reading the article where the guy was talking about his neighbor that is on a 21 year running streak.. yes. that’s correct. TWENTY ONE YEARS! (Look here to see a list of people who are streaking, some almost to 45 years!!)

He mentioned that he came across the Runner’s World post (I’m assuming it was from last year) about a Holiday Streak, where you run everyday (at least a mile) from Thanksgiving to New Years… And this is where started to get sad.. It’s already December 5th! How can I start a Holiday Streak when I’m already 8 days late?


And that’s what I realized that I can start now, and hey, I can just extend mine eight days to make up for it!! Well, I did run yesterday at the gym, so I suppose that means I was only seven days behind.


So there you have it folks. I’m pledging to run everyday from yesterday (December 5th) until January 8th!! And because I want to call it a Holiday Streak I’m going to! 😉

JOIN ME! Start today, start tomorrow, just start! Even if it’s pledging to workout everyday through the holidays instead of run! JUST DO IT! NO EXCUSES!


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