Starting my New Years Resolution list early!

Maybe it’s not that early.. I mean, we’re only 15 days away from Christmas, which means that we’re only 22 days away from New Years… Three weeks seems like an ample amount of time to start a list. But let me tell you that this list isn’t a very ‘cut in stone’ list.. It’s more like a reminder of the things that I want to make sure that I CONTINUE doing.


1. Running. Outside. Even in this cold. Needs to be done.


2. Lifting weights more! I’d like to get up to three times a week consistently.


3. Eating healthy and IGNORING the dessert table. I just can’t help myself, dessert calls to me.. So lately I’ve been ignoring the dessert table to avoid overeating or just eating stuff that I don’t need. So I’d like to keep that going! I have an evil sugar habit that I need to kick.


4. Start swimming at least once a week, and start getting on the trainer (for my bike) at least once a week.. Triathlon season is going to come before I realize it, so I need to start putting in the time now so that when it comes around I’m ready!


5. Not getting upset at small things.. So, this isn’t fitness related, but I guess it is ‘well-being’ related. I get upset over the stupidest, smallest, things. I’m working on it, but I need to remind myself that sometimes I’m being irrational and that I just need to calm down and brush it off.



2 thoughts on “Starting my New Years Resolution list early!

  1. I love that you included number 5! I have the same problem and I need to learn it’s less stressful and all around better to just let it go!

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