Holiday Streak: Week One!

So I told you guys that I wanted to do the Runner’s World Holiday Streak, even though I was starting it late. Well guess what? I completed day EIGHT today! Let’s check out how I did really fast.


December 5th (day one): 2.25 miles on the treadmill.. It wasn’t until afterwards on the stair master that I decided it was going to be the start of my Holiday Streak!

December 6th (day two): 5.25 miles.. I love my 5mile route, only sucks is that it’s not lit well enough to be a good ‘night path’. =[

December 7th (day three): 3.25 miles.. Fit this one in at 4:30pm.. It gets dark here at 5pm.. Got it in JUST before it got dark.

December 8th (day four): 3.10 miles.. Also love THIS 5K route, but again, not good for running in the dark.

December 9th (day five): 1.00 miles.. My first ‘just squeeze it in’ run. My roommate and I had a TON of errands to run, so I just did my mile, scarfed down dinner, then we ran errands for almost two hours.

December 10th (day 6): 1.01 miles.. Another ‘just get it in’.. but this time it’s because I was in a bad mood and just needed a glass of wine.

December 11th (day 7): 3.13 miles. FINALLY mapped out a 5K route that would be good at night! I was excited, plus I love running into ‘downtowns’!!

December 12th (day 8): 1.01 miles. Sadly on the DREADmill this morning.. BUT, I’m hoping that when I get home I’ll have some time before going to get dinner with a friend to do my new 5K route again!


Well there you have it folks. 8 days and going strong!!


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