The End of My Streak..

So, as you know I’ve been participating in the RW Holiday Streak.. I started a few days late, but I was just planning on extending it the number of days that I missed out on. HOWEVER, I’m making the decision to STOP my streak at 24 days to allow my knees and calves to rest.

Stop Cartoon

Lately I haven’t been running more than a few miles because my knees and calves have been hurting me. I ran 3 miles on the 24th, 2 on the 25th, then 1 (ish) each day the 26th, 27th, & 28th. But I’ve decided that I need to listen to my body and allow it to REST! Especially since I have a half marathon coming up in a few weeks and I think that resting NOW will allow my knees and calves to get back to their full capability.


Running in the snow and on the ice is something COMPLETELY new to me. So I think that my legs are in great need of some rest, especially after 24 days of constant use!



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