Take Control.. NOW!

It’s easy to put things off.. “Tomorrow… I’ll do it tomorrow..” Or allow yourself some room to ‘enjoy’.. “Oh, ONE brownie isn’t going to make me fat”.. In some cases you’re right. You WILL do it tomorrow, and that ONE brownie ISN’T going to make you fat.. but here’s the thing, we get into this mindset and then it doesn’t change. Tomorrow continues to be tomorrow, and one brownie is still one brownie, everyday.

So what am I going to do about this?!



If you can’t control your own life then you can’t control anything. I enjoyed the holidays. I admit; I ate too much food, way too many desserts, and drank too much. But I’m DONE with being the me that I dislike. The me that gives in too easily to temptation and the me that is STUCK in the mindset that everything will be ok tomorrow. But let me tell you a secret…


I’m ready to eat right, to kick ASS at the gym, and to put my training into high-gear! I’m planning 14 Half Marathons in 2014.. so there is NO time for me to be lazy with training or to eat poorly. That will just cause me to gain unwanted fat and to open myself up for injury.

SO along with my 2014 resolutions, I am going to train/cross-train/gym-go/home-workout harder than I have before. There is no reason for me to be holding onto extra weight that I don’t need!

Who’s with me?!


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